New Lust: Handbag for Work

I know I know, I just recently started working and here I am lusting over handbags :P I found out that I will be going out for meeting quite often so I need a bag where I can put all my files in it. The handbags that I currently have are not big enough to fit all the documents.

I have been looking between Coach and Michael Kors (yes, again!). I really like the Saffiano leather so.. I guess it won't hurt to have two Coach bags and two Michael Kors bags, yes? :PP

I'm still indecisive on getting these handbags, truth to be told. One, the sellers in Facebook took advantage almost $100 or more profits. If we tried to exchange the price shown in their site and add USD50 (at least for shipping!). The sellers are taking too much profits in my opinion. They only buy the things online and wait for the items to arrive. When they want to ship it to Brunei, the courier service even came to their house to collect. I don't see they do more other than advertising! Pfft! Two, we can get the bags a lot cheaper when we buy on our own from the US sites that ship to Brunei. They even have shipping promotion sometimes. Ok, enough rants there.

1. Coach

Saffiano Medium City Tote USD 298

Saffiano North/ South City Tote USD 298
Dear Husband told me to get this one instead

I like this one from the Legacy Collection after
I saw this bag at Coach in Pavilion, KL *drools*

2. Michael Kors

MK Selma Satchel USD 358

MK Cynthia Satchel USD 358



  1. I'd go for MK Selma Satchel or if you want something different from your collection maybe venture into the north-south coach as suggested by your husband :)

    1. After A LOT of thinking and considering, I'm getting MK Selma soon in Navy. A safe colour! Hehhe..

      But I think, I'd definitely going to get a smaller bag from Coach ;)


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