Fashion Friday: Black Peep Toe

I think I have mentioned in my previous post [here] that I have a black peep toe for a few years now. I could never find the perfect pair. I have a small feet. UK 2.5 please? Or size 4 or 35 depends on the style but I wish they have half sizes as my feet usually caught in between sizes. Sighs!

Once I bought a black peep toe from Vincci and never again since then. It has an inch platform in the front and about 4" high. Darn I canNOT for the life of me walk in those heels anymore! ;( I still keep this pair of heels, I thought of selling it but have not had the courage to do so. Sad!!

my worn out heels from Heatwave and once-worn heels from Vincci

Recently I finally found a perfect pair from Pazzion. I know the prices are ridiculously expensive there even for flats, but I cannot pass this one up! I have been looking for the perfect black peep toe and plus, its the only pair they have in MY size. (*cough* 34 *cough* smallest :P)

Isn't she a beauty? :D

I called Dear Husband up to meet me at the shop but he got off late from work. My sisters and I wanted to look for kain and he refused to join us (Obviously! He does not like 'shopping' for kain). Instead he went to Pazzion to buy the heels for me. Awww~ Hehe.. He even sent me a picture after he bought it! :P

I am sure this heels is going to be most use this year for special occasion and events. I do not have lot of heels in my collection, I am more of a flats girl now. In fact I only have this new heels (apart from the I-cannot-walk-high-heels) and two other heels in nude and brown in my current rotation. I also have purple and white heels from my wedding which I have never worn since! My next aim is to buy classic pumps in all neutral colours - black, nude and brown. ;)