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Empty Products #1

I have decided to write a post on products that I (or we, my husband and I) have finished. This will includes both makeups and skin care products, occasionally body and hair products too I suppose.

The first products we have finished months ago was Bio Essence trial pack and also, Laneige trial pack. We have repurchased few products from Bio Essence and Laneige. I will write a post on our skincare routine soon, I hope!

And recently I have also finished a couple of products. I'm so excited!! I love reading posts and watching videos on empty products.

1. Simple Regeneration Age Resisting cleansing wipes - I used this to remove my makeup after work. It cleans most of it, especially my eyeliner which can be stubborn at times. I'm currently using the green packet from Simple as well, it works the same so I'm not going to repurchase this. This is slightly expensive than the green packet one.

2. Skin79 VIP Gold BB cream - I used this almost every morning since I started working…

New Lust: Handbag for Work

I know I know, I just recently started working and here I am lusting over handbags :P I found out that I will be going out for meeting quite often so I need a bag where I can put all my files in it. The handbags that I currently have are not big enough to fit all the documents.

I have been looking between Coach and Michael Kors (yes, again!). I really like the Saffiano leather so.. I guess it won't hurt to have two Coach bags and two Michael Kors bags, yes? :PP

I'm still indecisive on getting these handbags, truth to be told. One, the sellers in Facebook took advantage almost $100 or more profits. If we tried to exchange the price shown in their site and add USD50 (at least for shipping!). The sellers are taking too much profits in my opinion. They only buy the things online and wait for the items to arrive. When they want to ship it to Brunei, the courier service even came to their house to collect. I don't see they do more other than advertising! Pfft! Two, we can get th…

Baby Iqbal turns 15 months

Yeap, Baby Iqbal can walks around aimlessly now (or not! Haha) Alhamdulillah.. :D My mom told me that I only started to walk after I turned 15 months. That means Baby Iqbal is quicker than me! Not sure about Dear Husband though. Anyway, YEYYY! Although it means we will be chasing him around more often now. Lol!

Review: Catrice Made to Stay Eyeshadow

When I was standing in front of Catrice products stand in Paloma, among all things prettily displayed - their cream eyeshadows caught my attention. This is because I have been hearing/ reading beauty gurus raved about Maybelline Color Tattoo and L'Oreal Infallible which sadly are not available here. So these are, in my opinion, good alternative for me to try cream eyeshadows.

My Thoughts
I bought 040 Metall of Honor - a bronzy- brown colour with gold shimmer and 070 Mauvie Star - a greyish lilac with lots of multi-colour shimmers.

After trying these cream eyeshadows, I prefer it more than powder eyeshadows. You know when you're in a rush (or lazy), you can just pat this on your lids, wear eyeliner then mascara (not in my case though) and you're done! The texture for these cream eyeshadows is however inconsistent; Metall of Honor is quite dry and Mauvie Star feels creamy and mousse-like.

Lasting power, no doubt it can last all day without creasing (even without an eye primer…

Review: Missha Perfect Cover BB cream (No.21)

I will start working tomorrow and I thought it would be perfect to post this tonight. I am not sure when I can write another post but I do hope I can do it SOON! Wish me luck for my first day of working! Be strong, Fa! 

My thoughts I have been using this BB cream for over two months but not on daily basis. Recently I wore it almost everyday so that I can give a true and honest review about it. So what is my thoughts on it?

I like to use this during daytime because of its higher SPF than my foundations. This shade No.21 however is a little lighter on my skin tone, probably No.23 will suit me perfectly (I am NC30 in MAC, for reference). So sometimes I also mix it with my foundation for better coverage and lasting power. It gives a natural dewy finish to my face which I like. I definitely have to prep my skin, tone and serum/ essence beforehand without my moisturiser since it has its own moisturising properties.

This BB cream on its own lasts for 4-6 hours and I do have to blot at the 4th h…

Wishlist: Louis Vuitton Epi Alma Bag

They say "girls (or ladies) can never have too many bags" and I, without a doubt agree to that statement. :D

So here is another bag that I have put in my wish for over a year already (because it looks really good for special occasions and events). I know Prada has this design too but this design has been with LV longer and its one of their classic bags (other than Speedy).
"Introducing the Louis Vuitton Epi Alma Bag reference guide. The classic bag has been around since the 1930's and is synonymous with the brand. Epi leather is made of cowhide and features a grained texture with the signature LV logo embossed on the exterior of bags. This leather is extremely durable and can withstand harsh conditions such as rain as the leather is water repellent. Dyed in an array of vibrant colours, the Epi leather Alma bag is the staple purse to add to your collection." Taken from [here] According to Louis Vuitton official website, this bag comes in two different sizes:

Officially Employed

Yeap, you read that right! Alhamdulillah.. I am finally employed. Career woman now, as my Dear Husband called it.

I went for the interview about a month ago, in telecommunication company. Yesterday, I received the official call. I was dreading the call to be honest. I did not realised that they want me to start really soon, next week soon, on Tuesday.

But I have few errands to do on Tuesday, and I need to train my sister first to take care of Baby Iqbal. :P I am more worried when my family (mom, dad, sister and brothers are going for their Umrah next month!) *sighs* Have to send Baby Iqbal to daycare centre I supposed. Any suggestions?

Anyway, I am excited to start working (after three years being unemployed and being a SAHM). I am eager to face the challenges and see what I can do to help the company perform better, efficiently and productively. I am not sure what is my position yet, they will give me the offer letter once I report duty on Wednesday. I'll update this post soon :…

Fashion Friday: Black Peep Toe

I think I have mentioned in my previous post [here] that I have a black peep toe for a few years now. I could never find the perfect pair. I have a small feet. UK 2.5 please? Or size 4 or 35 depends on the style but I wish they have half sizes as my feet usually caught in between sizes. Sighs!

Once I bought a black peep toe from Vincci and never again since then. It has an inch platform in the front and about 4" high. Darn I canNOT for the life of me walk in those heels anymore! ;( I still keep this pair of heels, I thought of selling it but have not had the courage to do so. Sad!!

Recently I finally found a perfect pair from Pazzion. I know the prices are ridiculously expensive there even for flats, but I cannot pass this one up! I have been looking for the perfect black peep toe and plus, its the only pair they have in MY size. (*cough* 34 *cough* smallest :P)

I called Dear Husband up to meet me at the shop but he got off late from work. My sisters and I wanted to look for kai…

Officially a Toddler

I have mentioned before that Baby Iqbal had his first independent walk when we were in KL. Alhamdulillah.. So far, he has managed to walk more than 5 steps already but still only short distance walks.

Seeing him walking (sometimes looking unstable too, it amused me!) and rather excited to walk around the house makes my heart melt. My baby has grown so quick! Where did the time go? *sighs*

But nonetheless, I believe that is a sign of his independence which means I can start working anytime now. Although still, I'm a little worried about who is he going to stay at home with. For now, I think I can still count on my sister and dad.

January 2013 Favourites

I have been wanting to post 'favourites' post for the past few days just because I love watching other people favourites in Youtube for last month. Since I do not have a big collection of makeup (yet), I have decided to pick my top 5 favourite products every month.

Here are my top 5 picks for this month :D

1. Soap & Glory Hand Food - This hand cream lives in my bag. I'm reaching for this every time when I go out and also, before I go to bed at night. I need back up urgently!!! [review here]
2. Natural Collection blush in Pink Cloud - This is my second blush from this range. I love the light pink colour for a pop of colour especially during day outing. Definitely a sheer blush and the colour can be built up. It is not powdery/ chalky at all. For something that only cost GBP1.99, I have been reaching for this blush the most last month.
3. NYX round lipstick in B52 - I love to wear this when I go out during the night as it is a bit darker than what I normally wear in the …

Review: Soap & Glory Hand Food

This is one of the few things I picked up from Sephora when we were in KL last time. I was browsing around in Sephora and saw Soap & Glory products displayed in pinks. Among all, I bought Soap & Glory Hand Food for RM25/125ml and I don't regret purchasing this at all!

This Hand Food attracted my attention as I was looking for a new hand cream to try. I have been using Vaseline Total Moisture in Aloe Fresh for the past years and always keep the smaller one in my bag. Somehow lately the lotion makes my skin feel dry just in less than an hour after application. Hate it! -_-'

This Hand Food, on the other hand is really ahhmazing! The cream is thick but not overly thick and it does not make my hands feeling greasy after application (which is a plus point! Even Dear Husband loves the feeling after using it!). It smoothes and keeps my hands moisturised for few hours before I need to reapply it again. The scent is rather sweet and slightly floral with a tinged of marshmellow,…