Running Man

For the past few weeks, my siblings, Husband and I have been watching Running Man almost every night. This tv show is really hilarious! We laugh so hard every time we watch the episodes. We would choose which episodes to watch - we have watched episodes with artists that we know and love, Big Bang, SNSD, Park Ji Sung and then we have moved on to random episodes.

Since we watched the episode with Big Bang, my house has been playing Big Bang songs too. Like we're in Big Bang fever all of a sudden. Even baby Iqbal dances (more like moves his body to the left and right) whenever he hears the songs. *lol* So CUTE!!!

So how about you? What TV series are you currently watching or addicted to lately?
Husband and I also love watching The Walking Dead and Jane by Design recently. However, they have stopped airing hence we are watching other TV series at the moment. Oh I love watching Gilmore Girls (my all time favourite!), One Tree Hill, Gossip Girls and Grey's Anatomy are my favourites too.


  1. I love running man too but I have not seen the latest one. I heard they have like 120++ episodes now! Waiting for fiancee to download it for me.. Hehe..

    And yes, The walking Dead and Jane by Design (JbD)is my favourite too. I'm waiting for the next JbD season. Have you seen the ending of Gossip Girls? Didn't expect it at all!

    Other than than, I also love Game of Thrones, The Big Bang Theory, How I met Your Mother, The Vampire Diaries, 2 Broke Girls, and Downton Abbey, The Warehouse, etc. There are lots of them that I can't remember. Lol!

    1. We started watching from 120+ episodes and backwards randomly *lol* My little brother downloaded all the episodes already, so we just choose which episodes we want haha..

      My friend ckp they discontinued JbD, there will be no season2. Let me check again the status on that! GG belum liat the latest season. Iman loves watching HIMYM too. The rest we dont watch. Haha.. Sikit sja TV series kami liat..

  2. PRETTY LITTLE LIARS!!!! :P & currently addicted to Dont trust the B in apartment 23 :D Guys with kids are okay too. & definitely Modern Damily!


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