Packing for Iqbal

*This is a schedule post. We are on holiday at the moment! :D*

This is our first time travelling on a plane with Baby Iqbal. I'm so nervous and excited at the same time! *many more firsts to come this year I hope!* :D I have prepared this list about a month ago and update it whenever I remember anything. I hope I have packed everything in here! :)

most of his stuffs
  • Diaper bag (to be bring to the plane) - toys, extra diapers, wet tissue, lotion, minyak telon, CJ's butter and diaper changing mat
  • Clothing - Pjs, pants and shirts, jacket, beanie/ hats, socks, shoes
  • Bathing - body wash, towel and small towels, nail cutter
  • More diaper - mamypoko pants 17s
  • Pillow
  • Detergent - in a small bottle, just in case I need to wash anything
  • Food - snacks (rice bites and rusks) and cerelac and cutleries!!!
  • Medicines - you'd never know!
  • Stroller


  1. Have fun Effa and family!!!! :D I can;t wait to see your post on your haul.. lol!

    1. Thanks Sheila! :)
      I didn't haul much on beauty *lol* too caught up hauling tops and flats! :P


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