Haul from KL #1

I actually had a list for my makeup to buy before I went for my holiday. I read reviews and watched Youtube before deciding on which ones to buy. My list includes MAC and NYX from Sephora.

For MAC, I wanted to buy two lipsticks and two blushes and still contemplating on whether to get the paint pots. I do love cream eyeshadows but this one is on a pricier side.

  • MAC blush in Fleur Power (RM78/6g). MAC describes this as soft bright pinkish-coral. Sorry about the picture, it looks more coral than pink in the pan. This blush is rather pigmented so have to use a light hand to apply. I wanted to get Desert Rose as but the SA did not know its existence, instead she said its not available and I believe her! >.<
  • MAC lipstick in Syrup (RM68). When I reached MAC in Pavilion, I asked for MAC lipstick in Creme in Your Coffee (cremesheen) and Syrup (lustre). However, I was overwhelmed with Creme in Your Coffee so I decided to buy Syrup only which MAC describes as cloudy pink. To me, this is definitely my-lips-but-better kind of lipstick. I can see that I'll be using this a lot.

I'm glad that Sephora in Malaysia recently launched NYX in their store. From reviews that I have read, I got rough ideas for the prices (cheaper!) and items available.

  • NYX blush in Mocha and Spice (RM26). Mocha is describes as matte mid tone pink while Spice is matte mauve but it has tiny silver sparkles in it. I wanted to get just one, Dusty Rose unfortunately it was not available. The other colour available was Cinnamon, while the other colour listed were Pinky and Peach. I hope to get Dusty Rose and Peach the next time. :P
  • NYX lipstick in B52 - soft mauve pink (RM19). They have a lot of colours available and listed at the counter. However I was only interested in something brownish pinkish/ or reddish because I want to try the colour that looks similar to MAC Creme in Your Coffee. I compared with NYX Tea Rose that I have and tested few other colours including Heredes, Lola/ Lala(?) and a couple more which I have forgot. I'm really happy that I bought this one. This looks pretty on my lips (a bit dark but I'm okay with).

  • Chanel Rouge Coco in 05 Mademoseille (RM95). This has got to be my biggest splurge in makeups. I wanted to get Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Boy (the colour is really pretty and I'm going to get this next time!!!) unfortunately they did not have it instock so I had to resort to this. Among the few that I tried, this one caught my attention. When I swatched it, it looks lighter than NYX B52 and a little bit pinkish. I have yet to use this :P


  1. Nice haul! Would like to see an FOTD post using them :)

    1. Thank you :) I never do a FOTD post though. *malu* Hehe

  2. I love the Nyx blush & Chanel lipstick! Do review them! :)

    1. I have used both blushes once and also the lipstick. I'll wait a little bit longer before I can review ;) So far, it's really pretty :D


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