Happy New Year 2013

So how did you spend the last day of 2012? My sisters, baby Iqbal and I went to few places last Monday in the afternoon and at night, we went to Birau for New Year's bbq, as usual. :D

And yesterday, the first day of 2013 we had lunch at Bali Paradise restaurant with my family and then, we went to the Mall to get our Laneige replenished. They had 20% discount so we decided to get few items. ;)

Anyway, lets talk about new resolution(s). I want to make few this year. First is to cook more for my family. I do not like cooking as much as Husband does (he's a better cook than me!), so I will try to cook more whenever I can and have more food on the table.

Next (and the last one), I want to be better in managing our financials. Self discipline, especially me. I know that I can not resist sale especially if the things are what I have in my wishlist. So, until the next big sale I am going to save save save!!! :P

I think overall, this year I want to be better than last year in everything (in general!). As a God's servant, as a wife, as a mom and as a daughter. Insya Allah~ May this year will bring more opportunities and rezeki to us. Aamiin aamiinn..


  1. I love reading your blog and btw Happy 2013..

    Your Silent reader/stalker

    1. Hye there! Thank you for reading :) Happy 2013 to you too!


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