First Travel Experience

I really want to share out experience travelling with my 1 year old baby. Before the trip, I was both excited and nervous at the same time.

We stayed at Fahrenheit Suites for 4 nights (for RM2066.40 luckily there was a promotion from above Fahrenheit 88 shopping mall and next to Pavilion and Lot 10 (and a few steps away from Sephora!!!) :D We also went to KLCC, Mid Valley (we did not get to walk into The Gardens though) and iCity! It was really pretttyyyy :D:D

Before we took off :D
See! How excited he is :D
Even more excited when we arrived at KLIA :P
This picture of him with my mom is very ADORABLE!!!
He even asked me to follow him :P Haha (Pavilion)

Before we went out.. Haha super excited! :D

at Muji in Mid Valley. Standing on his own

at iCity while waiting for Ayah and Uncles from Snow-walk

Found a playground at KLIA :D

Twice the luggages when we first came *LOL*
This is what he does in the plane! :D Hehe
Alhamdulillah.. Baby Iqbal was so easy to handle although at times we had to force him to take his naps. I guess he was in culture shock seeing bigger shopping malls and more people going around. I just had to find breastfeeding or baby changing room or baby shop to breastfeed him whenever he wants. :) AND he learned how to walk on his own in KL!!! :P Hehehe.. but no, he does not want to walk yet :P