2nd Wedding Anniversary

I can't believe that I actually forgot about it! Well, we both did. :(((
I just remembered it this morning :((

this is US two years ago on our BIG day :D

Even though we forgot about our anniversary, Dear Husband actually cooked for me last night! :D
His favourite food CHICKEN CURRY :P
We had a quiet dinner in the kitchen (just the two of us while Baby Iqbal was taking his 'late' nap).

Dearest Husband,
Thank you so much for being a super kind, loving and caring husband and dad,
Thank you for your patient putting up with my 'craziness', I know I'm a bit of a pain :P sometimes!
Thank you for always being the person I can always count on and
whenever I need the encouragement, You are always there to say words that I could never think of,
You are always the wise one and I love you for that
and Thank you for always being by my side.
I hope for our marriage to last, insya Allah til Jannah
and may Allah give us more babies! :P
Let's grow old together!!! :D

Lots of love,
Your Wife