2013 Diary | Typo

January is almost coming to an end, and this post should came before January even begins. Why does the time moves really quick these days? *wails*

Anyway, I bought this diary when I was in KL. I could not find a pretty and cute diary here - of course since I was looking for it in early this January and I believe the shops started selling 2013 diaries few months before 2012 ended. All the pretty ones are long gone already.

Luckily my sister in law mentioned Typo. If not, I would not be able to buy it either. We found Typo in Pavilion, and this diary was on sale 50% discount so it only cost RM15. :D There were few other designs too but this one caught my attention just because I love Paris. I have never been to Paris but Dear Husband went twice with his friends when he was in the UK. Boo! :P

Do you have a diary or journal? How often do you write in them?
I have always been a diary/ journal girl. It used to be like a note book but now, I prefer it to have a monthly view calendar and a lot of pages for notes. I like to scribble a lot of notes (wishlists, comparison of things and prices, etc), so I don't write nicely in weekly view pages. Hence, I like monthly view for all the important dates and events.


  1. I don't have one yet for 2013. Lol! Maybe I should get one. especially to write on inspiratio topic for blogging! Now, I'm busy with my wedding list (Hahaha..) Maybe after the wedding and I'll be free to do this. :)

    Nice diary btw and yes, I love Paris and the kitten is cute!

    1. Thanks Sheila! I used to have a book full with wedding preps and list but I think, it was a diary. Year 2010 if Im not mistaken. I should find that book soon! Haha


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