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2013 Diary | Typo

January is almost coming to an end, and this post should came before January even begins. Why does the time moves really quick these days? *wails*

Anyway, I bought this diary when I was in KL. I could not find a pretty and cute diary here - of course since I was looking for it in early this January and I believe the shops started selling 2013 diaries few months before 2012 ended. All the pretty ones are long gone already.

Luckily my sister in law mentioned Typo. If not, I would not be able to buy it either. We found Typo in Pavilion, and this diary was on sale 50% discount so it only cost RM15. :D There were few other designs too but this one caught my attention just because I love Paris. I have never been to Paris but Dear Husband went twice with his friends when he was in the UK. Boo! :P

Do you have a diary or journal? How often do you write in them?
I have always been a diary/ journal girl. It used to be like a note book but now, I prefer it to have a monthly view calendar and a lot…

New Lust: NYX Cosmetics

Due to my recent purchases from NYX, I have added some more in my list. Currently, I have two lipsticks - in Tea Rose and B52, two blushes - in Mocha and Spice and one jumbo eye pencil - in Yogurt. I have been loving them so much lately.

Blush: ** Dusty Rose - matte rose pink Peach - matte baby pink Silky Rose - matte plummy pink Bourgeois Pig - dusky pink with slight blue undertone
Round Lipstick: ** Milan - dark pink brown Doll - plum
Black Label Lipstick: ** Diva - muted rose Heiress
Mega Shine Lip Gloss: ** Beige (Highly recommended!)
Jumbo Eye Pencil: ** French Fries ** Yogurt (I need back up!)
Retractable Eye Liner: (I want to compare these with the Revlon Colorstay) Black Brown Grey
** I really want them! :P So do you want anything from NYX? ;)

Fragrance Friday: Lancome Magnifique

I do not wear perfume most of the time. But when I do, especially when I go to special occasion or functions (and still sometimes I forgot to wear it!) - Lancome Magnifique is my choice of perfume. Honestly, this is only perfume I ever bought for myself. I have few which are given to me as gifts.

I first bought this when I was in the UK, during December 2008 boxing day. I was attracted to the model first, Anne Hathaway. I love her! ;D especially in Princess Diaries :P I love the scent second - because woody scents attracts my attention more than fruity and floral scents. Love the red bottle, third.

This perfume unfortunately has been discontinued. :( Here I found a description for this perfume;
"Magnifique by Lancome is a Woody Floral Musk fragrance for women. Magnifique was launched in 2008. Magnifique was created by Olivier Cresp and Jacques Cavallier. The fragrance features saffron, caraway, rose, jasmine, sandalwood, vetiver and cypriol oil or nagarmotha." I have bought…

2nd Wedding Anniversary

I can't believe that I actually forgot about it! Well, we both did. :(((
I just remembered it this morning :((

Even though we forgot about our anniversary, Dear Husband actually cooked for me last night! :D His favourite food CHICKEN CURRY :P We had a quiet dinner in the kitchen (just the two of us while Baby Iqbal was taking his 'late' nap).

Dearest Husband, Thank you so much for being a super kind, loving and caring husband and dad, Thank you for your patient putting up with my 'craziness', I know I'm a bit of a pain :P sometimes! Thank you for always being the person I can always count on and whenever I need the encouragement, You are always there to say words that I could never think of, You are always the wise one and I love you for that and Thank you for always being by my side. I hope for our marriage to last, insya Allah til Jannah and may Allah give us more babies! :P Let's grow old together!!! :D
Lots of love, Your Wife…

First Travel Experience

I really want to share out experience travelling with my 1 year old baby. Before the trip, I was both excited and nervous at the same time.

We stayed at Fahrenheit Suites for 4 nights (for RM2066.40 luckily there was a promotion from above Fahrenheit 88 shopping mall and next to Pavilion and Lot 10 (and a few steps away from Sephora!!!) :D We also went to KLCC, Mid Valley (we did not get to walk into The Gardens though) and iCity! It was really pretttyyyy :D:D

Alhamdulillah.. Baby Iqbal was so easy to handle although at times we had to force him to take his naps. I guess he was in culture shock seeing bigger shopping malls and more people going around. I just had to find breastfeeding or baby changing room or baby shop to breastfeed him whenever he wants. :) AND he learned how to walk on his own in KL!!! :P Hehehe.. but no, he does not want to walk yet :P

Haul from KL #1

I actually had a list for my makeup to buy before I went for my holiday. I read reviews and watched Youtube before deciding on which ones to buy. My list includes MAC and NYX from Sephora.

For MAC, I wanted to buy two lipsticks and two blushes and still contemplating on whether to get the paint pots. I do love cream eyeshadows but this one is on a pricier side.

MAC blush in Fleur Power (RM78/6g). MAC describes this as soft bright pinkish-coral. Sorry about the picture, it looks more coral than pink in the pan. This blush is rather pigmented so have to use a light hand to apply. I wanted to get Desert Rose as but the SA did not know its existence, instead she said its not available and I believe her! >.<MAC lipstick in Syrup (RM68). When I reached MAC in Pavilion, I asked for MAC lipstick in Creme in Your Coffee (cremesheen) and Syrup (lustre). However, I was overwhelmed with Creme in Your Coffee so I decided to buy Syrup only which MAC describes as cloudy pink. To me, this is de…

Haul from UK

I did not go the UK, but my best friend did! THANK YOU~!!! :D I asked her to buy 'some' things for me ;) Before I write a post on my KL haul, I will write this first ;) Do wait for my next post if you want to see my KL haul :P Hehe

EcoTools Bamboo Blush Brush. This brush is in my want-it wish list so here it is! I love that the brush is super soft.Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation. I read so many good reviews about it, the reason why I want to try it. I bought in shade 53 (beige clair/ light beige).Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer in medium. Again another favourite by many youtube-ers and beauty bloggers.Natural Collectionblush in Pink Cloud. Can I have another blush in peach melba~ :PNatural Collection Moisture Shine lipstick in Rose Bud. This colour is really pretty! Looks almost like my pigmented lips :)RimmelStay Matte Long Lasting Pressed Powder in TransparentRimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal eyeliner in Nude and TaupeLushMint Julips lip scrub :) Ju…

My Travel Beauty Bag *Updated*

*Another schedule post. I'm excited about this post actually! This is my first time packing for both my skincare and makeups for travel.*
I bought the travel bag from Hua Ho and it actually contains three small bags in it which I have took out. I'll update this post once I come back. For now, enjoy the pictures! ;)

Loose items skincare and body care. Here I have my face wash cleansers, face scrub, body and hair wash and deodorants (both for him & her).

Next is our skincare routine items. Laneige toner, emulsion, water bank essence, and water sleeping pack. Bio Essence renewal night cream (in Laneige clear blue tub). L'Oreal day cream and eye cream.

Okay, now on to the best part. Makeup bag. I brought cotton pads, cotton buds, nail clipper, tweezer, small scissor, two eye brushes (ELF blending brush and Essence eyeshadow brush) and also, MAC Powder/ Blush brush. Maybelline makeup remover. Vaseline (for dear Husband). For base I brought Max Factor foundation and Missha BB …

Packing for Iqbal

*This is a schedule post. We are on holiday at the moment! :D*
This is our first time travelling on a plane with Baby Iqbal. I'm so nervous and excited at the same time! *many more firsts to come this year I hope!* :D I have prepared this list about a month ago and update it whenever I remember anything. I hope I have packed everything in here! :)

Diaper bag (to be bring to the plane) - toys, extra diapers, wet tissue, lotion, minyak telon, CJ's butter and diaper changing matClothing - Pjs, pants and shirts, jacket, beanie/ hats, socks, shoesBathing - body wash, towel and small towels, nail cutterMore diaper - mamypoko pants 17sPillowDetergent - in a small bottle, just in case I need to wash anythingFood - snacks (rice bites and rusks) and cerelac and cutleries!!!Medicines - you'd never know!Stroller

Wishlist: Chanel, Dior & Christian Louboutin

I mentioned before that I would write a proper post on things that are on top-so-high-up in my wishlist. I do not know when will I get these, these are super expensive! So it might going to take me another 5 to 10 years. I want to get these with my hard earnings money, so yea God knows when that will be. Hee~ :P

1. Chanel Classic Flap

This bag is definitely one of the classic must have! When you're trying to decide on buying this bag, you have to know about the different sizes available - small, medium/ large, jumbo and maxi, leather type - lambskin or caviar, colour - classic black or other seasonal colours and hardware - in gold or silver.
My personal preference would be either a small or medium/large, black in silver hardware and caviar leather which is lower maintenance than lambskin (buttery soft leather but prone to scratches).
The price for this bag in Singapore, Medium SGD5990, Jumbo SGD6620 and Maxi SGD7230 for the Classic Flap as of May 2011. You can check [here]
2. Lady D…

Running Man

For the past few weeks, my siblings, Husband and I have been watching Running Man almost every night. This tv show is really hilarious! We laugh so hard every time we watch the episodes. We would choose which episodes to watch - we have watched episodes with artists that we know and love, Big Bang, SNSD, Park Ji Sung and then we have moved on to random episodes.

Since we watched the episode with Big Bang, my house has been playing Big Bang songs too. Like we're in Big Bang fever all of a sudden. Even baby Iqbal dances (more like moves his body to the left and right) whenever he hears the songs. *lol* So CUTE!!!

So how about you? What TV series are you currently watching or addicted to lately?
Husband and I also love watching The Walking Dead and Jane by Design recently. However, they have stopped airing hence we are watching other TV series at the moment. Oh I love watching Gilmore Girls (my all time favourite!), One Tree Hill, Gossip Girls and Grey's Anatomy are my favourites…

Happy New Year 2013

So how did you spend the last day of 2012? My sisters, baby Iqbal and I went to few places last Monday in the afternoon and at night, we went to Birau for New Year's bbq, as usual. :D

And yesterday, the first day of 2013 we had lunch at Bali Paradise restaurant with my family and then, we went to the Mall to get our Laneige replenished. They had 20% discount so we decided to get few items. ;)

Anyway, lets talk about new resolution(s). I want to make few this year. First is to cook more for my family. I do not like cooking as much as Husband does (he's a better cook than me!), so I will try to cook more whenever I can and have more food on the table.

Next (and the last one), I want to be better in managing our financials. Self discipline, especially me. I know that I can not resist sale especially if the things are what I have in my wishlist. So, until the next big sale I am going to save save save!!! :P

I think overall, this year I want to be better than last year in everythin…