The Best of 2012


Today is the end of 2012! How time flies! I must say, the highlight for this year has got to be being a first time mom overall. From breastfeeding, to cloth diapering, to making homemade baby food and best of all, watching my baby grow up every single day. Alhamdulillah! I could not ask for more blessings than these.

There are ups and downs for the past one year but with my kind, loving and supportive husband and families, I managed to get through. Patience is definitely what I always struggle with and I'm glad, I have learned being more patient and less grumpy. :P There are times when we get 'the look' from people when we are out, like we are too young to have a baby. *lol* This is always funny and annoying sometimes! We've past age 25 already people~


Early this year, Dear Husband and I celebrated our 1st Wedding Anniversary at Li Gong, Empire Hotel. We also enjoyed our Ramadhan and Syawal more this year with Baby Iqbal and my sister got hitched before that in June. Seeing Baby Iqbal in his baju melayu always put smiles on our face. Adorably cute!!! We also had our Majlis Mandi Belawat dan Berdikir just about two weeks before we celebrated Baby Iqbal Pororo-themed 1st Birthday. We also made our first trip to Miri with Baby Iqbal for Dad's birthday celebration. We also had friend gatherings throughout the year too - with Iman's friends, my best friends and my Uni friends.


For this, it is definitely in the beauty department - skincare and makeups. I rediscovered my long lost love for skincare and makeups that I had few years ago and now, I even became more adventurous in trying out new things this year. I found that some works, and some did not. Being me, once I found something that works I would stick to it for the longest time until I have another "rediscoveries". :P Hehe.. I'll try to get the things I have in my wishlists first and work it out from there if I need? want? more.

On the other hands, for handbags and shoes, I have few things that have been on top of my list for the past years (this deserves another post, I will work on it!). And, I have also added few more this year. :P Michael Kors. Coach. Prada. to name a few.

I guess that's about it. Baby Iqbal and I had been having fever since last Wednesday and Iqbal's condition worsen on Friday. But Alhamdulillah.. We both are getting better already. Yay!