New Lust: Sleek MakeUP

The next make up brand I want to try (after I bought my MUA makeups in my shopping list) is Sleek MakeUp. :D

I have look through their site and I have set my eyes on three items.
  • first is their Oh so Special eyeshadow palette (although storm and au naturel looks tempting but I'm going to get just one) :P
  • next is their blusher in Rose Gold (most people says its a dupe for Nars Orgasms just slightly different in colour) and Pomegranate.
  • and lastly, their lipstick in Coral Reef. Other colours look intimidating but this one caught my attention.  It is actually an orangey red colour (not like in the picture).
pic credit: Sleek MakeUp site

The great thing about this Sleek MakeUp is that they ship worldwide. Yay!! From most reviews that I have read, their colours are highly pigmented so we need to use a light hand in application. I might try to order these sometime next year. :) Insya Allah..


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    1. Hehe I found new site (not sure if you've heard about it or not) but they have Sleek makeup too! It's so temptinggg :P


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