Movie Date Twilight

Dear Husband and I went to watch Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 last night. It has been really really a long time since our last movie. Avengers. When was that ah? Hehehe.. Over a year ago or almost a year already? Whatevs! :P

We were having our hi-tea at CA Mohd with my family when DH suddenly said, "let's watch movie!" when my mom brought Baby Iqbal home with her and dad. I asked my brother how they new cinema are, how to book tickets, where to see their shows timetable and so on. So, we went straight to the newly opened cinema, Times Cineplex to buy our ticket and I was literally jumping up and down! :D Thank you Sayanggg!

I have read the book long time ago. :P I did not remember how the movie is supposed to be like. It was months ago when I watched the trailer. So yea, I went with zero expectation but loving Taylor Lautner at heart. *lol* Team Jacob!!! Renesmee is such a sweetheart. So cute and pretty! DH did not like the ending, "it's not epic" since this is the last installment but I love it. I am happy that everyone is happy. Such a hopeless romantic! *lol* But hey, I love happy ending. Forever. ;)

We miss Baby Iqbal every time when we go out without him. ;(


  1. lol, that was a coincidence. I went to Timesquare yesterday/tadi, around 6-8pm. nada jodoh lah tu Ka Effa :D

    1. aww nada jodoh ta banar tu! hehe.. we arrived around 7pm then trus ke cinema jua, inda sempat kemana-mana :P


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