I love blushes!

Since I have discovered my new "interest", I realised that I have a huge love for blushes. When ever I am looking at new brands, I'd look at their blushes range first. The only downside (for me) having too many blushes is I do not know when can I finish them. I still have the one and only MAC Pet Me blush for over two years now (and I still want to try other colours). Anyway, these blushes are included in my wish list :P

1. ELF Studio Blushes
I can't decide yet which colour but I like to have tickled pink and either peachy keen or candid coral and as for the pink ones, I'm not sure which one hehe ;P

pic credit Amarixe

2. Illamasqua Blushes
I only have Hussy in my wishlist but they recently come out with duo blush - Hussy and Lover, and I thought that is a really good deal. I mean, I don't know when can I finish one blush but with two smaller blush is definitely a better deal ;)

pic credit Illamasqua site

3. Benefit blushes
These have been in my wish list for ages! :P First, Dandelion was introduced by my colleague at work (the same person who introduced to me Revlon Colorstay eyeliner in Charcoal). I don't blame her but I love my face when she did my make up for fun when we were at work before ;) Hehe

pic credit Benefit site

4. Nars blushes
I have set my eyes on Orgasms (my makeup artist used it during my Mandi Belawat function) and it's lovely!!! I love the colour on me :D Deep throat. Sin. Ok, If I can get hold of the blush palette is even better ;) I know there are dupes for Nars blushes but I really want to own at least one ;)

pic credit Temptalia

5. Tarte Amazonian Clay blushes
I love the blush gift (for holiday this year however it comes with a highlighter and bronzer which I have not ventured into, but I do not mind having them but I love the other two colours and it's not available in their parmanent line *bummer!*) But hey, their blushes are lovely too~

pic credit Tarte site

As you can see, I have more and more in my wishlist and this excluding the ones that I'm getting from MAC, Natural Collection, Makeup Academy (MUA) and Sleek. *slaps forehead* Blush is my makeup essential. I can go out without wearing any mascara or lipstick (as long as I have my lip balm) but blush is a MUST!!! :D It adds a healthy glow and colour to my face.

What are your makeup essentials? I'd say for me.. BB cream or foundation, blush, eyeliner and lip balm/ lip butter or lipstick ;)


  1. Hi :) new reader here. My makeup essentials are eyebrow pencil or powder, undereye concealer, mascara, lipbalm and blush! Tarte and nars are high on my wishlist hehe.

    1. Hello! Welcome welcome :D
      I wish we can get Tarte and Nars easily here. I found that we can get Nars from asos.com but couldn't get Tarte other than from ebay :(


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