Hantaran Bag: Louis Vuitton Idylle Speedy 30

Today, my dear handbag officially turns 2 years old. Hehehe.. I saw the receipt months ago and decided to dedicate this post on Miss LV 2nd Birthday. So here it is! *:D

From Dearest Husband, bought in the UK by Dear Mother-in-law at Selfridges, London. Back then, I was not interested with their monogram canvas hence I chose this bag. I thought there was no counterfeit bags for this bag available and apparently, there are. Pfft!

Usually, I use this bag when I go to functions/ special occasions. I can definitely thrown everything in this bag - wallet, travel pack tissue, keys, phones, coin purse, makeup bag and left with so many room. Nowadays, I also put Baby Iqbal's water bottle, snacks and toys.

This bag is not structured, a little bit floppy but it's okay. The colour is perfect and I do not have to worry about stains or to match it with my outfits. Although I would usually worried when its raining because the material is cloth, not canvas nor leather. -_-"

I LOOOOVE this bag so much and I will always treasure it. Afterall, this is my first LV! *:D


  1. Awwwww~ That is really a lovely bag and will last forever! I can't wait for mine though still in the luggage. I guess I just have to wait until March! Lol! Maybe you can show us what's inside your LV Bag? :)

    1. Hehehe yea just wait for March. Or maybe you can take a peek or hold it for 10mins to love it? *lol* then put back! Haha a bad idea! Kena marah Dauz krg~ This bag is usually empty, I put it in dust bag when I don't use it. Hehe


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