Pororo Birthday theme for Baby Iqbal

Last Sunday, we had a birthday party for Baby Iqbal. It is an advanced celebration though. Dear Husband and I agreed to have a Pororo theme instead of Mickey Mouse (because it was Mickey's birthday too).

Our preparations mostly are the decorations and gifts (games for kids which we did not play at allecause the house was full! :P). My best friend, F also helped me with the decorations especially balloons, while my other two best friends, B & A prepared the cupcakes for our guests and for everything they did to helped us out throughout the party. I love you girls!!! :D

ps: If you want to check out the cupcakes, find pvintajcupcakes and muffinsparadise on instagram ;) Delish!


  1. Love the theme & colors =)
    1st pic, he so cute...mcm he's thinking saiz kek labeh basar dari ia hehe

    1. Thank you :)
      Hehe inda besar pun tu cake ah, don't know why it looks rather big in the pic!

  2. I love Pororo too. Yes!! Geng sama Iqbal. =D


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