New Lust: Makeup Academy

I first came across this makeup brand when I was watching this video [here] and soon after I saw Imah wrote her makeup review on MUA Undressed palette [here]. So, I went to check this brand and oh I am so impressed! Makeup Academy is a budget makeup brand in the UK (exclusively available in Superdrug) and also their site (btw, they ship internationally! Such a plus point!) :D

These have made it into my shopping list ;)

MUA Palettes
Heaven & Earth, Undressed and Artiste Collection

I really like Heaven & Earth and Undressed palettes, both have neutral shades. I read that Undressed is dupe for Urban Decay Naked palette. The colour pay off are if not similar is almost identical to the UD Naked palette. I wanted to get UD Naked palette but it's sort of expensive £36/ US$50 while MUA palettes only cost £4 considering I'll be using these just for special occasions and events (not on daily basis). I might as well get something that is cheaper but have almost the same quality and pigmentation with the higher end one.

The Artiste Collection is their newest addition, 6 marble-like eyeshadows, 2 blushes, 1 bronzer and 1 highlighter. A great bargain especially for me who have not ventured into wearing bronzer and highlighter yet. Oh right! Their eye primer is in the shopping list too.

pic credit mua site ;)

Ok, I think I love blushes more and since these only cost £1, I might be getting all of them :P (shade 1 to 6 - they don't have a name for their colours yet!). I could not decide which colour to choose plus it's difficult to match them to my skin just by looking at their site. Anyway, if there's any colour won't look nice on me, I'll pass them to my sister ;) Hehhe

I was thinking of getting their brow kit but I think the colour is not suitable for us with darker colour brow, so I'm gna pass. I might be venturing out to cream blushes once I get all my brushes fix. ;) Who knows!

UPDATE (7th March 2013)

So, my MUA items that I ordered in last January (when they had 50% sale and FREE shipping) finally arrived. This [here] is the post I wrote about my haul. I am going to place an order again when they have a sale OR free shipping promo ;) Hehhe


  1. glad I converted you into lusting for this brand :p you should try Essence's eyebrow powder kit.

  2. Im glad you did!!! It'll be something new for me to learn ;)

    They have brow kit as well? Hmm now I have more to buy from Essence. Thanks to you!! :p


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