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I have wrote about makeups and skincare (including hair care) before so now I am going to write about something that I am currently learning and researching, makeup brushes.

I am aware that there are A LOT of different types and brands of makeup brushes, from the drugstore inexpensive brands to high end brands. I only have one brush for the last two years, I use it for powder and blusher - the multipurpose MAC 129SH Powder/Blush brush.

When it comes to makeup brushes, I am only familiar with a few brands - MAC, Sigma, E.L.F but after reading beauty blogs and watching beauty vlogs, now I know a few more. I recently went to check out The Face Shop brushes, Etude House brushes, The Body Shop brushes, Holika Holika brushes but only one caught my attention, E.L.F brushes at Paloma. It is definitely overpriced!!! Boo! Each brush cost B$19.90 whereas its actually only cost US$3 and GBP3.75 for the Studio line.

Having said that, I actually bought E.L.F Complexion brush. I bought their blush brush at first, then I find it a little bit too small for my cheeks then I went back to Paloma after two days to change the brush. :P Now that I have the Complexion brush with me, I feel like I want the blush brush back. Ok, you can call me crazy. *scream* Helppp!!!

Anyway, I have added few (read some) brushes in my want-it list ;p
  1. EcoTools Bamboo Blush Brush - just because I read that its an excellent brush from MWS
  2. No7 Foundation and Concealer brush - two of the many Lisa Eldridge's favourite brushes
  3. E.L.F Studio Brush - Can I have all of them?? :P Ok, maybe just the angled blush brush, powder brush, eyeshadow C brush and contour brush :P:P
  4. Real Techniques Powder brush or Face Expert brush (this is a foundation brush)
  5. MAC 129 brush (should I still be getting the same one or other brush that might attract me during our vacation :P)
  6. Shiseido Perfect Foundation brush (again from MWS and ChloeAsh but I think closer dupe would be the same-look brush from Missha. Don't quote me on this. I'm not sure abt the quality tho!)
I do not even know why I need MORE THAN ONE blusher brush, powder brush, foundation brush and etc. *LOL* Again, you can call me ehmm crazy.

E.L.F Complexion brush and MAC 129SH

From the picture, you can see that MAC is a little bit denser than the ELF brush but, ELF is way so much softer than MAC. However, MAC have been scratchy to my face and the hairs shed since I washed it a month ago! *pain* but I super love this brush! :( Oh I find this site [here] to be VERY helpful in deciding which brush we need. ;)

UPDATE (31st Jan 2013)

I have bought EcoTools Bamboo Blush Brush. Well, my best friend bought it for me when she went to the UK for a winter holiday. You can see the post here [UK Haul].


  1. Maybe you can have a look at Jessup brushes. Not sure if you're familiar with that brand but a lot of youtubers have been raving about it. I've actually bought two different sets and the quality is amazing for the price. Most people said it's a dupe for sigma and other higher-end brand. Can't verify that for you as i didn't own any high-end brushes. But compare this with brushes from etude, skin food, this one surpasses that by many levels.

    You can only get it from ebay and it's free shipping. I bought a dupe for Mr. Bunny and it only costs me USD16.54 which probably around BND22.19.

    I seriously recommend you this brand. The shipping to Brunei was not that long. It arrived 2 weeks earlier than the stated ETA. However, mine was provided with tracking no. So perhaps that's why it arrived much earlier than expected..... Still waiting for my first purchase that I made 2 days earlier than the one I received. Expecting to get it sooner cause this particular purchase had no tracking no.

    Sorry for the long comment. I like to give people sufficient info.


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