It has been a year!

Today marks the first year I have been successfully breastfeeding baby Iqbal. Syukur alhamdulillah.. :D You can read how we began [here] and when we reached the 6th month marks [here].

We have tried a few times to supplement Baby Iqbal with formula milk after he was 6 months old. Failed attempts every time. There are times when I am worried about my milk supply. So as usual, what I'd do is to eat and drink a lot. Somehow I feel like I am not that petite anymore.
-___- Haha it's okayyy ;)

I am constantly worried because he is slowly not gaining any weight for the last three months despite having three meals daily. Breakfast with fruits puree, lunch and dinner with either butternut squash + pear or sweet potato + apple, though for the past couple of months he also eats rice with fish or chicken and pasta with us for lunch and dinner.

Since he has started on solid foods, he only direct feed about 5-6 times from morning to midnight, and few times when he sleeps. He basically just opens my shirt whenever he wants it. Other than breastmilk, he drinks water and eat snacks in between meals. I have not introduce him to fresh fruit juices yet. Maybe I should do that soon!

I must say, it has been a wonderful journey being able to breastfeed Baby Iqbal this long! I never expected it. I keep telling myself, "selagi masih ada and mampu, just continue breastfeed". Dear Husband keep reminding me the same thing too. Alhamdulillah.. I always have him to support me. ILY Sayangg! :D I love baby mama too! :D