Happy 1st Birthday Son! ❤

Today, last year...
Little that we know that you were going to be born today
At this hour, I was still nervous with the 'pain' I'll be enduring
Taking care of a newborn and parenting were foreign to your dad and I
(Thank God we have your grandparents for guidance, support and help, together with all your uncles and aunties)
But, today...
We can not live without seeing your smiles and hearing to your laughter and cries
You have been a wonderful addition in our life
We are really greateful that you are the reason why life has been a blessing every single day

Mama and Ayah love you dearly son! May we always be together in this life and the after in Jannah, insya Allah.. Mudah-mudahan Iqbal jadi anak yang soleh, taat, penyayang dan penyabar. Aamiin!


  1. Happy Birthday Iqbal!!! ❤❤❤ You are just too cute to be true. And amin for every doa from you family esp your Ayah & Mama =D

  2. happy birthday iqbal! <3 enjoy your presents! :P
    thanks again for baju airis ka effa :D

    1. No worries :) We havent bought anything for her jua. Hope she'll fit te baju!! And thank you.. Sure Iqbal will enjoy his presents ;) Nanti main together sma Adik Airis aa~

  3. Happy birthday iqbal =) semoga jadi anak yg baik
    amin amin amin...
    maintain chubby-ness tu aa


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