12 months appointment

This morning baby Iqbal went to the clinic for his 12 months clinic appointment. His last appointment was when he was 9 months old.

We were informed earlier that for his 12 months clinic appointment, he will be given two jabs on both of his hands. *Scary! Yes, I was scared for him as I myself can't stand getting jabs ;(* So yes, today he had his MMR and HiB jabs on both of his hands. He cried for few seconds and then stopped. Strong boy! :D

We did the normal routine, checked his weight, maintained for the last 3 months 8.5kgs ;( But he is definitely getting taller. He was given vitamin too since he is not gaining any weight. Baby Iqbal now has two teeth at the front upper jaw and one at the bottom. I can see that he is now learning to stand without holding on to anything. :D Grow up well Dear Son! ❤