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Beauty Sale

SKIN79 will be celebrating 2ND ANNIVERSARY SALE this NOVEMBER 28th -2nd Dec (5days)
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Thank you so much ♥ 
It will be an appointed time by our Management, for more info kindly stay tuned here at our Fanpage, we'll sure to keep you posted :) For Nov 28th 50% OFF allocated time will be from 12noon-1pm, I'm sure VIP GOLD BB , assorted cleansers will be on 50% OFF plus a lot more... :) See you! 
Note: SKIN79 SERI QLAP MALL store will be temporarily closed, please …

It has been a year!

Today marks the first year I have been successfully breastfeeding baby Iqbal. Syukur alhamdulillah.. :D You can read how we began [here] and when we reached the 6th month marks [here].

We have tried a few times to supplement Baby Iqbal with formula milk after he was 6 months old. Failed attempts every time. There are times when I am worried about my milk supply. So as usual, what I'd do is to eat and drink a lot. Somehow I feel like I am not that petite anymore.
-___- Haha it's okayyy ;)

I am constantly worried because he is slowly not gaining any weight for the last three months despite having three meals daily. Breakfast with fruits puree, lunch and dinner with either butternut squash + pear or sweet potato + apple, though for the past couple of months he also eats rice with fish or chicken and pasta with us for lunch and dinner.

Since he has started on solid foods, he only direct feed about 5-6 times from morning to midnight, and few times when he sleeps. He basically just …

New Lust: Prada Saffiano Lux Tote

I saw this bag on someone's today and it reminded me about this post. This post has been in the draft for a while now. Here it is! ;)

This is one of the luxury handbag I have been lusting for the past months. I love the design - simple and clean. Big enough for me to dump few of Iqbal's toys and other needs. This probably more suitable for work but I think it can be use for going out as well.

This bag comes in multiple sizes. I have to see it in person to match it with my body so it won't look like the bag is carrying me :P Another good thing about this bag is it comes with a sling so we can carry it on our shoulder as well. *Just like my LV bag but I have never use the sling. Maybe I should do it soon!* The colours are also vary by season but if I'm not mistaken, black is one of their parmanent colour along with beige and grey colours. This is the one with top zip, they also have an open tote which I'm not really fond of but I like the idea of dumping everything i…

12 months appointment

This morning baby Iqbal went to the clinic for his 12 months clinic appointment. His last appointment was when he was 9 months old.

We were informed earlier that for his 12 months clinic appointment, he will be given two jabs on both of his hands. *Scary! Yes, I was scared for him as I myself can't stand getting jabs ;(* So yes, today he had his MMR and HiB jabs on both of his hands. He cried for few seconds and then stopped. Strong boy! :D

We did the normal routine, checked his weight, maintained for the last 3 months 8.5kgs ;( But he is definitely getting taller. He was given vitamin too since he is not gaining any weight. Baby Iqbal now has two teeth at the front upper jaw and one at the bottom. I can see that he is now learning to stand without holding on to anything. :D Grow up well Dear Son! ❤

Pororo Birthday theme for Baby Iqbal

Last Sunday, we had a birthday party for Baby Iqbal. It is an advanced celebration though. Dear Husband and I agreed to have a Pororo theme instead of Mickey Mouse (because it was Mickey's birthday too).

Our preparations mostly are the decorations and gifts (games for kids which we did not play at allecause the house was full! :P). My best friend, F also helped me with the decorations especially balloons, while my other two best friends, B & A prepared the cupcakes for our guests and for everything they did to helped us out throughout the party. I love you girls!!! :D

ps: If you want to check out the cupcakes, find pvintajcupcakes and muffinsparadise on instagram ;) Delish!

Happy 1st Birthday Son! ❤

Today, last year...
Little that we know that you were going to be born today
At this hour, I was still nervous with the 'pain' I'll be enduring
Taking care of a newborn and parenting were foreign to your dad and I
(Thank God we have your grandparents for guidance, support and help, together with all your uncles and aunties)
But, today...
We can not live without seeing your smiles and hearing to your laughter and cries
You have been a wonderful addition in our life
We are really greateful that you are the reason why life has been a blessing every single day

Mama and Ayah love you dearly son! May we always be together in this life and the after in Jannah, insya Allah.. Mudah-mudahan Iqbal jadi anak yang soleh, taat, penyayang dan penyabar. Aamiin!

Miri Trip and Haul

It was 1st Muharam public holiday yesterday and my dad's 55th birthday the day before so my whole family decided to have a short trip to Miri to celebrate it together. Of course, my parents, sister and little brother decided to stay a night while my sister & husband, my brother and us decided to go home after.

On our way to Miri (we were in Kuala Belait already when my sister remembered that their car's blue card was left at home. Nightmare!!!). We definitely did not want to go back, we have travelled for over an hour already so my sister's husband decided to borrow his friend's car. Bad news as the friend's car blue card is also not with him. My sister (in Miri) told us to follow her friend, Kak Ros instead. She's our saviour of the day!!! What a memorable FIRST trip for Baby Iqbal :P

After almost 4 hours on the road, we finally made it to Miri and another one hour trying to find parking space at Parkson. Double nightmare! *lol* But all is good in the end.…

Purchases from ChloeAsh blog sale

Recently Ms Lily, a beauty blogger from had a blog sale. When I looked at the items on sale, I was very interested with her Sigma Bare and Coastal Scents 88 Warm eyeshadow palettes. Just because I have been itching to get eyeshadow palettes to play with the colours. You see, both of these palettes have neutral everyday shades which I preferred. She posted my items on Friday and it has arrived today! Yayyy!!! :D

Sigma Bare palette was released in mid 2011 and sometime in mid 2009 Coastal Scents 88 Warm was released together with their other 88 palettes. (Fyi, both Sigma and Coastal Scents do worldwide shipping). These palettes cost US$35 and US$24.95 (now on sale US$13.72). I bought these two for RM140 including shipping and paid B$5 for tax when I collected these. A good deal indeed! :D

I am still learning how to apply eyeshadow and whatnots, still a noob but I like what I have seen so far. So, I'm gna go now. I want to play with the colours! ;) Thank you Dear Lily!!!

New Lust: Makeup Academy

I first came across this makeup brand when I was watching this video [here] and soon after I saw Imah wrote her makeup review on MUA Undressed palette [here]. So, I went to check this brand and oh I am so impressed! Makeup Academy is a budget makeup brand in the UK (exclusively available in Superdrug) and also their site (btw, they ship internationally! Such a plus point!) :D

These have made it into my shopping list ;)

MUA Palettes Heaven & Earth, Undressed and Artiste Collection
I really like Heaven & Earth and Undressed palettes, both have neutral shades. I read that Undressed is dupe for Urban Decay Naked palette. The colour pay off are if not similar is almost identical to the UD Naked palette. I wanted to get UD Naked palette but it's sort of expensive £36/ US$50 while MUA palettes only cost £4 considering I'll be using these just for special occasions and events (not on daily basis). I might as well get something that is cheaper but have almost the same quality a…

Visit to Opah and Atok

Last Tuesday, we paid a visit to my grandparents' place in Kota Batu with my parents. They came to our event recently and we only managed to talk briefly so I thought that would be a great idea for Baby Iqbal to know his opah and atok. He visited them before but baby Iqbal is now smarter to know who is who already. We visited my in-laws every Sunday, so he recognised them pretty well already. Plus, my grandma needed my mom's help sorting out her medicines. After all, mom is her personal nurse. Hehhe

Makeup Brushes

I have wrote about makeups and skincare (including hair care) before so now I am going to write about something that I am currently learning and researching, makeup brushes.

I am aware that there are A LOT of different types and brands of makeup brushes, from the drugstore inexpensive brands to high end brands. I only have one brush for the last two years, I use it for powder and blusher - the multipurpose MAC 129SH Powder/Blush brush.

When it comes to makeup brushes, I am only familiar with a few brands - MAC, Sigma, E.L.F but after reading beauty blogs and watching beauty vlogs, now I know a few more. I recently went to check out The Face Shop brushes, Etude House brushes, The Body Shop brushes, Holika Holika brushes but only one caught my attention, E.L.F brushes at Paloma. It is definitely overpriced!!! Boo! Each brush cost B$19.90 whereas its actually only cost US$3 and GBP3.75 for the Studio line.

Having said that, I actually bought E.L.F Complexion brush. I bought their blush b…

Passport to Vacation!

Early this week, it was on a Monday, we brought Baby Iqbal to the Department of Immigration (ok, this might not be the exact name but it is something like that -_-') to make his FIRST passport. We are going for a family vacation in a few months with my parents and siblings, and RBA needed his passport details for his ticket. Oh I can't wait!!! :DD