Two Events Preparation

I love planning for events (even though sometimes its a little stressful *lol*) but I'm really excited planning for these two events. First up is Majlis Mandi Belawat, Berdikir dan Doa Kesyukuran this Saturday and then, insya Allah Baby Iqbal's first birthday next month.

Alhamdulillah.. Our preparations for our event this Saturday has been going well. It is going to be simple, no mini pelamin although I wish we could have. But since we'll have another event coming up, so I had to make wise decisions here and there.

For Majlis Mandi Belawat, Berdikir dan Doa Kesyukuran's, our preparations include:
  • Catering
  • Doorgifts
  • Bunga telur and telur in a box for everyone
  • Orang Berdikir
  • Bunga Rampai from MIL and Babureh (sp?)
  • Photographer - Dlah
  • MUA - Nana Makeup Pengantin
  • Attires 
    • baby Iqbal - baju melayu from Zulkader Serusop, sinjang and dastar (rent from Roza Rohaya Serusop)
    • mama - baju kurung fesyen from newly found good tailor in Serusop, tudong from Firoz and tiara (rent from Roza Rohaya)
    • ayah - baju melayu from Zulkader Serusop
Other than mentioned above, for the rest we just have to make full use of what's available. In case you're wondering, we have done aqiqah for Baby Iqbal through Darussalam Holdings during Hari Raya Haji/ Qurban in Mekah. Another reason why we want to have this function on Saturday so the aqiqah and function are being done together (literally!). Btw,


And as for Baby Iqbal's first birthday party.. I have a theme already - Pororo (if you don't know who and what Pororo is, its actually a cartoon from Disney Junior channel and its a cute penguin!). I'm going to incorporate the colours - in blue, orange, yellow and white for decorations and desserts table. Meriah right? :D

My dear friends will help me with the decorations. As for food, we will have a few varieties in small quantity including nasi lemak, mee kari or soto and etc. Sweet tooth desserts table will be available with array of flavours of cupcakes to candies and chocolates. Not forgetting, the birthday cake! Goodies for the kids also will be given. That's about it I guess. :D I'm more excited about his birthday party though :P