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I have been blessed with thin flat straight hair all my life. I love it being naturally straight but I do not like the less volume hair I have. Even worst, my daily hair fall. Not helping at all. This has been my long time concern but I just didn't bother to do anything to fix it. Plain lazy!

I have only been using Head & Shoulder shampoo every other day for the last few years. I tried using Sunsilk but it made top of my hair oily. Now why is that? I also did not use hair conditioner because my hair stylist told me that I have a thin hair and I should not use any conditioner as that will makes it even thinner! Of course I do not want that to happen so I stopped using it.

Recently, Dear Husband had his hair cut at Trendyz in The Mall. Andre is so friendly and kind. He told DH that most of the shampoo here contains less nutrients than the ones available abroad. Something like that. Told us not to buy those made from the neighbouring countries. It is still okay to use, its not bad but the content is just less beneficial. If you get what he meant! I debated with DH about this, saying that these are made for Asian and those are for people with FOUR seasons! *lol* In the end, we stopped debating because we realised that it is useless to disagree about things that are not of our expertise :P

As a result, we bought new shampoo and hair conditioner from Dove recently. I've used it a couple of times and it did not make the top of my hair oily which is a plus! :D In case you're wondering, the reason why I use anti dandruff shampoo is when my hair gets oily these little flakes will come out too. :(

I'm curious! (and a little bit nosy :P) How often do you wash your hair? Do you use conditioner every time after you wash your hair? Since we usually use a head scarf, which type of shampoo do you use? Do you rotate between two shampoos?

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  1. I wash my hair everyday. Kalau I skip even one day the hair fall will be very alarming!! Pasal the oily root loosen them? (that's my guess *lols*)

    Conditioner not so often. Macam once a week? Reason, plain lazy HAHHA. Kalau karing, my solution will be, hair cut. Trim the dry ends :p

    My shampoo: L'oreal Total Repair (5)

    Hair fall kurang compare to the time when I used other products (as long as I wash my hair daily pulang tu) and once a month I wash my hair pakai another product to strengthen the root; lupa ku namanya. Will get back to you on this soon hehe

  2. Maybe I should try to shampoo my hair daily! My hair fall is def very alarming! :( My hair is already thin and its getting thinner with all these hair fall. *sighs*

    I'm looking for volumizing shampoo too as a treatment shampoo. I only saw Follow Me Green Tea di Giant. Don't know if its ok or not.

    1. Guess what, so far I think 'volumizing' shampoo is just a hoax hehe. Try doing cream bath every 2-weeks and a frequent hair treatment too. Bebelanja pulang but its worth it.

      That's what I did before and my hair at THAT time healthy as in inda karing, and macam tabal. But when I stopped doing those, back to the norm au naturale haha.

      And yang inda-payah-cuci-your-hair-everyday theory atu, I don't think its applicable for Brunei's weather. The moist, the heat and our way of covering our head with scarf atu does not comply with the said rule *maybe*

      That's my finding so far ;p

    2. Haha but I found another shampoo online and I hope it'll give a slight changes. If not then its a hoax! Haha :P

      I dont wear headscarf everyday since Im only at home but during weekends usually everyday psl I go out usually. Hehe.. I guess you are right about it. We wear headscarf hence our hair become more oily and etc being trapped all day long. A good shampoo with scalp care should be enough I supposed.

  3. Tip frm me would be applying ur shampoo twice as in.. apply, rinse n apply then final rinse.. insya-Allah~ i wear headscarf everyday n i just need to shampoo my hair ard 2-3x a week. Fr me hair mask works much better rather than conditioner... oh there's hairfall shampoo by sunsilk or pantene if ure willing to try..

    1. Thanks for the tip! I shall try it today! Hehe :D

      I saw hair mask the other day but not sure whether to buy it or not. I'll put this in my next grocery shopping. Last night though I picked up L'oreal Hair Fall treatment shampoo. I hope it'll work! :)

    2. Shall try this tip too ;p thanks Mrs.A. Also Ef, so far L'oreal works wonder with me hehe. Hope it'll work with you too.

      And don't buy those shampoo yang printed with thai's writing.

    3. I have tried the tip and my hair feels amazingly clean and thick! I am not sure if its the shampoo or the double cleanse but Im so glad it works!!! :D Thank youuuuu!

    4. auuuu no no to thai writings... well, I just don't buy them. hehehe... I sure hope it works for u Wiina, and Effa, im sure it's because of both!

    5. glad its working!! yayy!! bagi susah hati kali ah pasal rambut ani. walaupun betudung hehe =D


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