Favourite Thing: Baby Cups

I can't believe finding the perfect cups for Baby Iqbal will be an adventure.

I first got him Tommee Tippee sippy cup but he did not like it. He loves to bite it though and move it around his gums. Then, my sister bought for him another TT sippy cup. He liked it at first then the sippy built up moulds in it. Euw!

So we bought him another sippy cup from Avent. The cover is so annoying and I had to detach the handle because he does not like it. He still can't control his intake amount so most of the time, Baby Iqbal choked 'kesadakan'. *kesian*

Lastly, we thought maybe we need to buy cup with straw instead. Saw one from Triple Star, Farlin and its working! He likes to sip it! :D He even can control drinking his water already. Although I'm quite annoyed with the cover because he likes to put it in his mouth too. *nyehs!* Might buy another one soon.

Sippy cups does not work for him from the very beginning. Should've known that.