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Pictures : Majlis Mandi Belawat, Berdikir & Doa Kesyukuran

Here are some of the pictures taken from our recent event. I'm so happy that our photographer managed to get good pictures even though Baby Iqbal was crying and being grouchy most of the time. :P

October Haul

I have to admit, collectively this month is my biggest haul so far both make ups (especially!) and also skin care products. I managed to complete my make up needs. I have not update my skincare as currently I am still using Laneige trial kit. It has been more than a month now and it might last up to three months. So, I am on a spending ban until our trip to Miri this mid-Nov. *not that long! hehe!* I'm not sure what else to get though, but most probably I'm gna do price comparisons and buy whatever that attracts me :P *slaps forehead*

First up these are the items I bought here,

L'Oreal Transparent Rosy White Day Cream with SPF17 PA++ 20ml B$6.70 Revlon Lip Butter in Berry Smoothie B$15.90 The Bodyshop Vitamin E Face Mist B18.90 (bought using bf's member card less 10%) L'Oreal Magique Touche Concealer B$18.90 (currently at 10% discount) Garnier Dark Spot Corrector B$7.90 (now at 10% discount)
When my sister and mom went to Miri, I asked them to help me buy these:


Two Events Preparation

I love planning for events (even though sometimes its a little stressful *lol*) but I'm really excited planning for these two events. First up is Majlis Mandi Belawat, Berdikir dan Doa Kesyukuran this Saturday and then, insya Allah Baby Iqbal's first birthday next month.

Alhamdulillah.. Our preparations for our event this Saturday has been going well. It is going to be simple, no mini pelamin although I wish we could have. But since we'll have another event coming up, so I had to make wise decisions here and there.

For Majlis Mandi Belawat, Berdikir dan Doa Kesyukuran's, our preparations include:
CateringDoorgiftsBunga telur and telur in a box for everyoneOrang BerdikirBunga Rampai from MIL and Babureh (sp?)Photographer - DlahMUA - Nana Makeup PengantinAttires baby Iqbal - baju melayu from Zulkader Serusop, sinjang and dastar (rent from Roza Rohaya Serusop)mama - baju kurung fesyen from newly found good tailor in Serusop, tudong from Firoz and tiara (rent from Roza Roha…

Teething Fever

First of all, I am very sorry for the lack of updates for the past few days. I have been occupied with Baby Iqbal's yet another, teething fever (and everything the comes with it!). His temperature has been inconsistently going up and down since Sunday. Poor Baby! :(

I hope he will get better soon as this Saturday, will be held his Majlis Berdikir and Mandi Belawat for yours truly. Insya Allah!

Baby Iqbal turns 11 months

Big milestone this month. Baby Iqbal's teeth FINALLY appeared. He can stands for few seconds already before dropping down on his bottom. He can walks along the sofa/ table already too. Alhamdulillah.. Baby Iqbal is getting older already nonetheless still CUTE and ADORABLE! :D

Our Little Bunny ❤

I am supposed to post this on Monday but I could not get a good picture of it. Now I do!!! Thanks to my sister ;) Baby Iqbal's teeth finally appeared! I guess that was the reason why he was feeling unwell last week. Alhamdulillah.. More teeth to come I bet! :D I am the HAPPIEST mom!!! (and dad for DH :P)

Review: St. Ives Fresh Skin Moisturising Olive Scrub

When I told my best friend that my concern was my visible blackheads around my nose, she told me to scrub my face. I have not use any scrub for a long time so I googled for a good scrub and found out about St. Ives Apricot Scrub. However, I could not find it here but I saw St. Ives Fresh Skin Moisturising Olive Scrub at Hua Ho Manggis cost $8.10 and bought it anyway :P

The best thing about this scrub is that it is formulated without parabens and phthalates. Awesome! The texture of this scrub is creamy with big granules (as in you can feel the little particles). Some might feel its a little harsh on their skin but I'm ok with it. I only put about 1cm at the tip of my finger then rub it onto the center of my face outwards for a few minutes and then rinse with water.

I have been using this scrub for two months now, at least twice a week or more because I usually use it when Im having my shower. I know that scrubs are usually to be use two to three times a week depending on your skin …

Catching Up Sesh

Yesterday, Baby Iqbal, my sister and I met my bestfriend B and M for a late catching up lunch at Excapade Sushi. :D Its been a long time since we last met. Luckily both B and M are on leave so we decided to go for a hi-tea. Then we realised that all of use have not had our lunch so late lunch it was! Haha

I'm so glad we finally gathered together. Everyone has been busy with our own life and this little outing meant so much for all of us. We made time just to catch up with each other and laughs at silly jokes just like in the past (when everyone is single that is! :P)

Get well soon, Baby!

A quick post. Baby Iqbal is currently down with runny nose and slight fever since yesterday morning. We have been giving him meds so hopefully he'll get better soonest! We brought him out for our usual breakfast with my sister this morning to cheer him up. He likes going out so we thought it'd be a good idea since he woke up unusually early today. Please pray for his speedy recovery. Thank youu :D

Haircare : Shampoo and Conditioner

I have been blessed with thin flat straight hair all my life. I love it being naturally straight but I do not like the less volume hair I have. Even worst, my daily hair fall. Not helping at all. This has been my long time concern but I just didn't bother to do anything to fix it. Plain lazy!

I have only been using Head & Shoulder shampoo every other day for the last few years. I tried using Sunsilk but it made top of my hair oily. Now why is that? I also did not use hair conditioner because my hair stylist told me that I have a thin hair and I should not use any conditioner as that will makes it even thinner! Of course I do not want that to happen so I stopped using it.

Recently, Dear Husband had his hair cut at Trendyz in The Mall. Andre is so friendly and kind. He told DH that most of the shampoo here contains less nutrients than the ones available abroad. Something like that. Told us not to buy those made from the neighbouring countries. It is still okay to use, its not ba…

MomQuest for Nude pumps

I can't recall when exactly I've started my quest to find nude pumps but I'm sure, it has been awhile. I keep on nagging my best friend about this. :p
When I was pregnant last year, I stopped wearing heels and resorted to flats and fitflops (they were oh so comfortable for my swelling feet!) Few months after I gave birth, I thought I'd reward myself with a new pair of heels.
I went looking for something nude or natural. I think I went to Charles & Keith, Summit, Vincci and Pazzion. I did not find anything nude but I found a pair of cognac peep toe heels instead at Summit. Yay! Its pretty and natural enough. I love them on my feet :D

I found a pair of peep toe nude right before Hari Raya last time but it is a little loose at the back and too white for my skin. *sighs* I bought the black peep toe when I was in UBD, during year 2. Yes, it has been that long! Definitely a keeper! :D Bought another one, not in the picture but I regretted it because I barely can walk in…

New Lust: Coach Legacy Collection

I was never keen on Coach. I do not like their colourful monograms. Unlike their recent Legacy collection, it is the return of their classic bags and comes in array of colours - emerald green, sunflower yellow, carnelian red, cognac brown, cobalt blue, black and colourblock. Looove!

I definitely want to have a piece or two in my collection. Who can say no to classic handbags, right? It will never go out of season. I fall in love with Legacy Leather Penny Shoulder purse when I read about this from This purse will be perfect for going to a small function (to neighbour's especially) where I only need to bring my phone, keys and tissue pack. Hehe ;)

Before writing this entry, I checked again and saw this beauty! Hello hello! I prefer this than the Candace Carryall, it looks Celine-like bag except it is rectangular in shape while Celine is square and box-y. This beauty is just perfect for work, right? It should fit a laptop in it and files and ... *excuses!*…

Favourite Thing: Baby Cups

I can't believe finding the perfect cups for Baby Iqbal will be an adventure.

I first got him Tommee Tippee sippy cup but he did not like it. He loves to bite it though and move it around his gums. Then, my sister bought for him another TT sippy cup. He liked it at first then the sippy built up moulds in it. Euw!

So we bought him another sippy cup from Avent. The cover is so annoying and I had to detach the handle because he does not like it. He still can't control his intake amount so most of the time, Baby Iqbal choked 'kesadakan'. *kesian*

Lastly, we thought maybe we need to buy cup with straw instead. Saw one from Triple Star, Farlin and its working! He likes to sip it! :D He even can control drinking his water already. Although I'm quite annoyed with the cover because he likes to put it in his mouth too. *nyehs!* Might buy another one soon.

Sippy cups does not work for him from the very beginning. Should've known that.