New Lust: Michael Kors "Look for Less"

Recently Michael Kors get the hyped here in Brunei. Now I see more women are using it. I have not seen any duplicate for these bags yet which is a good thing. I went to check their site and look at what the hyped is all about. I was impressed and delighted! :D In my opinion, Michael Kors bags are "affordable luxury".

I see that Michael Kors have Louis Vuitton-inspired bags. Such that LV Neverfull is similar with MK Jet Set travel tote and LV Totally is similar to MK Jet Set zip top tote and MK Logo-print Signature tote. I mentioned similar because MK handbags are the improved versions and it suits women practical needs more. Price wise, definitely hands down to MK. I prefer handbags with zip top as it adds more security although ironically I hardly zip close my handbag. *slaps forehead*

MK Jet Set Zip-top Tote
Saffiano leather (the same leather used by Prada) plus point!
Adjustable shoulder strap 9" drop
Satin monogram lining inside with zip & slip pockets
10"H x 15 1/2"W x 4"D

LV Totally has been in my wishlist for ages. It was a better alternative to LV Neverfull although it is pricier. Unfortunately, I was really in love with this bag already. I found a video in youtube [here] where she made a head to head comparison of these bags.

LV Totally PM in Damier Azur
Available in Monogram and Damier Azur canvas
Two flat pockets on the inside
Natural cowhide trimmings
9.4"H x 15.4"W x 5.5"D

Would you want to pay more to buy luxury handbags or would you rather buy handbags that cost twice or triple lesser?

If money is not an issue, I would use MK tote for everyday working bag and LV for going out. By the look of it, I will buy both with one in the near future and the other sometime in the future IF I don't change my mind. Hehe ;)

UPDATE (Jan 28th, 2013)

I finally bought Michael Kors handbag [you can see the post here] but not in the colour above although that was I wanted at first. I bought it online from Saks Fifth Avenue for USD248 while they were having shipping promotion for USD10.95 :D Great bargain!


  1. MK for men pun not bad tu. I'd go for it lagi for special gift on special occasion hehe. Ariatu sudah untuk hantaran. Sudah tah mahal ah, sekali ada tax lagi masuk Brunei *lol*

    1. I have not seen yg for men though. I better check them out after this. Hehe.. Did you buy the bags through the website or arah org yg tinggal disana thru fb? Bcos now I see there's someone else other than Belle Paris doing it.

    2. I purchased a watch. From malaysian iluvbagincorporation. Pasal at that time I don't have a credit/debit card yet. So I went to them since I can just wire them the cash through remittance and just ask them to deliver straight to Brunei. Harga pun kalau inda salah, both from the web and through the luvbaginc, more or less the same.

    3. Did I replied you already? Macam hilang.. Hmm

    4. Wow thats nice! There's two fb reseller yg beli brg from US but one of them is cheaper. I hope its authentic! I really like the bag *lol*

  2. Love love love love looooove MK!! I'm definitely gonna splurge my $$$ to one of them.. insya-Allah~ hehe kumpul2 dulu.. there's just so many di kepala ani kalau di list down kepengsan! *lol* The design, I love!

    1. I love their designs too especially the one above! Hehehe ;) Yeap, mesti kumpul2 dulu..

  3. nice post, thank u for sharing. I love the Michael Kors Jet Set Tote!
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