Laneige Experience

I am 'addicted' to my quest in finding the right skincare products. New obsession! Erkkk

I think it was last week (before I decided to try Bio Essence Tanaka White range) that I went to Laneige at The Mall looking clueless to find skincare products.

The nice SA told me that I could have a mini facial to see which of their range will suits me best. She even checked the moisture level of my face - eyes was normal 50+%, cheeks was very dry 10+% and lip area was dry 30+%. Made me even more keen on finding products that can hydrate and moisturise my face. Hence I finally made my decision to try Bio Essence Tanaka White range.

L-R: Water Bank Eye Gel Cream, Gel type cleanser, Water Bank Essence, Balancing Emulsion Moisture and Power Essential Skin Refiner (like toner) and all of the above cost $247.90 

So yesterday I went for their mini facial. They checked again my face moisture level - eyes was normal 60+%, cheeks was normal 60+% and lips was dry 30+%. The percentages have improved just after using almost one week the Bio Essence Tanaka White range. Weee! :D

I definitely love the feel of my skin after the facial and my face moisture level all went to above 80%!! However looking at the price tags for 5 basic products they recommended to use made me think twice triple. Husband even calculated that if I have to buy their products twice a year and I have about 45 years to live (according to Brunei's average life span) it's going to cost me about $20,000 excluding the other 'necessities'. *lol* Sweet! ;p

But I'm not gna lie. I was sold! Especially on their Laneige Water Bank Essence. I'm going to get that next. And the Laneige Balancing Emulsion Moisture. Oh have to get the Laneige Water Sleeping Pack_EX too. I love the scent and how fresh I feel after using them. Owh so in love! *stop!* Ok, for now those are in my list ;)


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    1. Which one Wina? The experience kena check or their products? Hehe.. I have yet to try their products. If ikut experience, the products seems to be okay. Tpi byk steps sja compared to Bio Essence cleanse-tone-moisturise (day or night cream). Laneige ada two extra steps - pre-moisturise and essence (and eye gel when needed).

  2. Your reviews are tempting me *lol* Need to sleep over this dulu before I made up my mind. Pasal once I set my mind to start caring for my skin, nothing can stop me. That'll lead to another branch of cash flowing out the savings hahaha. Fuh fuh fuh!! Relax.. Clear the leather head dulu *lol*

    1. Haha you can try their trial kit dulu. My SA told me that they have two trial kits left last week! If you dont want to spend so much then Bio Essence is enough ;) Mesti try dulu which one you prefer hehe

  3. I am using Laneige Water Bank Essence and I love it! It doesn't break out on my skin and it doesn't make it my skin even oilier. But unfortunately, the price was steep. I got mine in Korea, half price cheaper than the one retailed in Brunei. xD


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