Laneige Trial Set

Last Saturday night, I received a text message from Laneige SA, Analyn. She told me that on Sunday (yesterday) they have the trial kit available and it's limited. I thought it was the travel kit at first. But when she told me it's enough for three months supply, thats even better! I was sold, sold and sold! I immediately booked one trial kit for yours truly. :D I'm a happy bunny!!!

With all eagerness and excitement, I bought the trial set at noon yesterday. Weeeee~ It includes all the products they recommended to me and few others which they didn't. It is a good bargain, right? ;p

L - R: Multi Cleanser, Power Essential Skin Refiner Moisture, Balancing Emulsion Moisture,  Water Bank Essence,  Water Bank Moisture Cream, Water Sleeping Pack EX and one piece Water Bank Double Moisture Mask and all these cost $51.90

I am not going to use it just yet. I still have some of the Bio-essence starter kit :) Once it's finished then I'll start with Laneige. Btw, Husband is using my skincare products too! Hehe he said he wants a smoother and hydrates his skin too. Yay I have a skincare partner! ;D

Oh yes I need to share a story while I was at the counter. There was a woman buying two products of Laneige. Since she looks older (my guess was around 40-50ish), I thought she has been using Laneige for a long time. Apparently, she is about to give Laneige a try too. She said that she has been using SK-II Essence since she's at her twenties and now she's 62!! She doesn't look like a 62 years old woman, I swear! Moral of the story, better start taking care of your skin now before you start aging at an early age ;)