Baby Iqbal turns 10 months!

Just two more months til Baby Iqbal turns one year old. The big ONE! I'm excited to plan his birthday party and more birthday parties in the coming years, Insya Allah! :D

Baby Iqbal now understands sign language. He can now waves his hands, claps, says 'no' with his finger *this usually is very funny and adorable!* Reminded me about one night, I was giving him an angry face for rummaging his dirty clothes in the pail, he adorably says no to me with his finger. *lol* Inda jadi muka marah, I laughed looking at him! Too cute I could die! Hehehe.. I hope you can imagine this! I hope I described it well ;p

We have finally decided to supplement Baby Iqbal with formula milk (soon! Hope he will not refuse it). Just because at times he refused to be direct feed especially when he is 'busy' playing or watching tv. Nyehs! Although he's eating now, Im still worry he's not drinking enough milk. Im not able to pump anymore because if I do, at night when he wants to nurse and cuddle to sleep he'll get frustrated with the little milk and stay up late instead til he fall asleep by himself. ;(

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