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September Haul

My first post for my monthly haul and many more to come I hope! Hehe.. No showing off intended. I am so happy and excited with my purchases this month. :D

As you can see from the above picture. I finally replace my Salvatore Ferragamo-like flats from Vincci I bought about 1.5 years ago with this lovely lacey flats from Pazzion. *in love*

I have also repurchased my Revlon ColorStay Eyeliner in Charcoal recently. I might be going to buy another eyeliner in black soon. I think, I need it.

Currenty I am trying two new products - Garnier Aqua Defence Eye Roll-on and Revlon Lip Butter in Macaroon. I wanted to get an eye cream but I do not think I need it at the moment. I want something hydrating to prevent fine lines and wrinkles underneath my eyes. The lip butter is just amazing. It's moisturising and I definitely love the colour. I want to get few more colours from Miri. Its cheaper there from what I read. So far, I'm liking these two!! :D

Erkk! I forgot about the Laneige Trial Se…

My Makeup Products

Recently, I broke my eyeliner which means I need to buy a new one. Yay! I did not intentionally broke it though. So while I was clearing my make up bag to find the broken eyeliner, I thought it's time for me to clean my make up bag and I did. Hence I wrote this entry.

I do not wear a lot of make up. Rarely actually. Only when I have occasions to go or when I feel like using them. I just put on powder, blush, eyeliner and lipstick or lip balm, and I'm good to go. Recently, I have added putting BB cream first before setting it with my powder.

I bought my MAC compact powder (just found out that it is actually a compact foundation *slaps forehead*), blusher and lipstick when Husband and I went to KL in Oct 2010. I have not finish using them since. Almost two years now! Recent additions are my BB cream, lip gloss and make up remover (before I have only use Lancome Bi-Facil sample I received when I bought the perfume for my hantaran). As for the eyeliner and lip balm, I have been re…

Royal Wedding HR

I love weddings and even more on royal weddings. Husband and I attended the Majlis Istiadat Bersanding Pengantin Diraja on Sunday morning. We received a lot of goodies too! Hehe.. It was a great experience but of course, no one likes the long wait.

Love the wedding attires and everything about the wedding. Both bride and groom looks really good together. May Allah SWT bless their marriage. Ameen! Oh the groom is oh-so-abnormally-tall! Hehehe ;)

pic credit Facebook shares
Btw, Dear Husband went to Melbourne today at noon for work until Thursday (afternoon). Let's just hope we can survive the nights without Daddy. *:D

Review: Bio Essence Tanaka White Range

As I have mentioned before, Bio Essence Tanaka White range was recommended by my best friend who is currently using it. Since we have the same skin type, this range should works on me as well. I finally bought the starter kit from Hua Ho cost $8.35 which includes facial wash, toner, day and night cream, a sample of essence and a piece of sheet mask.

Our night cream has finished and we have stopped using this range, currently trying out laneige. So, after using Bio Essence Tanaka White range for 2.5 weeks, I can see that my skin have improved. My skin moisture level improved just after one week using it. I can see that my face is smoother and radiant. My dark spots lighten and blackheads become less visible. I like this range as it is simple to use, just cleanse, tone and moisturise. These are sufficient for someone who does not like to apply a lot of products on their face.

Gentle Cleansing foam. When I first started using this wash, it was too drying for my face. I didn't feel m…

Baby Iqbal turns 10 months!

Just two more months til Baby Iqbal turns one year old. The big ONE! I'm excited to plan his birthday party and more birthday parties in the coming years, Insya Allah! :D

Baby Iqbal now understands sign language. He can now waves his hands, claps, says 'no' with his finger *this usually is very funny and adorable!* Reminded me about one night, I was giving him an angry face for rummaging his dirty clothes in the pail, he adorably says no to me with his finger. *lol* Inda jadi muka marah, I laughed looking at him! Too cute I could die! Hehehe.. I hope you can imagine this! I hope I described it well ;p

We have finally decided to supplement Baby Iqbal with formula milk (soon! Hope he will not refuse it). Just because at times he refused to be direct feed especially when he is 'busy' playing or watching tv. Nyehs! Although he's eating now, Im still worry he's not drinking enough milk. Im not able to pump anymore because if I do, at night when he wants to nurse…

New Lust: Michael Kors "Look for Less"

Recently Michael Kors get the hyped here in Brunei. Now I see more women are using it. I have not seen any duplicate for these bags yet which is a good thing. I went to check their site and look at what the hyped is all about. I was impressed and delighted! :D In my opinion, Michael Kors bags are "affordable luxury".

I see that Michael Kors have Louis Vuitton-inspired bags. Such that LV Neverfull is similar with MK Jet Set travel tote and LV Totally is similar to MK Jet Set zip top tote and MK Logo-print Signature tote. I mentioned similar because MK handbags are the improved versions and it suits women practical needs more. Price wise, definitely hands down to MK. I prefer handbags with zip top as it adds more security although ironically I hardly zip close my handbag. *slaps forehead*

Saffiano leather (the same leather used by Prada) plus point!
Adjustable shoulder strap 9" drop
Satin monogram lining inside with zip & slip pockets
10"H x 15 1/2"W x 4&quo…

Baby Iqbal at Sugarbun

Let's take a breather out from the skincare beauty products, shall we? Although this is what I have been focusing on lately, we do have few things coming up unfortunately I can't talk about just yet.

We will just feast our eyes with these ahh-dorable pictures of Baby Iqbal when we went to Sugarbun at Hua Ho Manggis last week with my sister and the husband. ❤ Can't beat the feeling seeing him enjoying himself! :D

Laneige Trial Set

Last Saturday night, I received a text message from Laneige SA, Analyn. She told me that on Sunday (yesterday) they have the trial kit available and it's limited. I thought it was the travel kit at first. But when she told me it's enough for three months supply, thats even better! I was sold, sold and sold! I immediately booked one trial kit for yours truly. :D I'm a happy bunny!!!

With all eagerness and excitement, I bought the trial set at noon yesterday. Weeeee~ It includes all the products they recommended to me and few others which they didn't. It is a good bargain, right? ;p

I am not going to use it just yet. I still have some of the Bio-essence starter kit :) Once it's finished then I'll start with Laneige. Btw, Husband is using my skincare products too! Hehe he said he wants a smoother and hydrates his skin too. Yay I have a skincare partner! ;D

Oh yes I need to share a story while I was at the counter. There was a woman buying two products of Laneige.…

Laneige Experience

I am 'addicted' to my quest in finding the right skincare products. New obsession! Erkkk

I think it was last week (before I decided to try Bio Essence Tanaka White range) that I went to Laneige at The Mall looking clueless to find skincare products.

The nice SA told me that I could have a mini facial to see which of their range will suits me best. She even checked the moisture level of my face - eyes was normal 50+%, cheeks was very dry 10+% and lip area was dry 30+%. Made me even more keen on finding products that can hydrate and moisturise my face. Hence I finally made my decision to try Bio Essence Tanaka White range.

So yesterday I went for their mini facial. They checked again my face moisture level - eyes was normal 60+%, cheeks was normal 60+% and lips was dry 30+%. The percentages have improved just after using almost one week the Bio Essence Tanaka White range. Weee! :D

I definitely love the feel of my skin after the facial and my face moisture level all went to above…

Quest for Skincare Products Part 2

While I was reading reviews for both Bio Essence Tanaka White and Tri Action Aqua Boost ranges, I came across a 'disturbing' facts.

Methylparaben. I remember seeing Baby Iqbal's wash "paraben free" so when I saw a post highlighting the existence of methylparaben in the day cream I was panicked surprise. To know the dangers of this paraben will lead to, scared me even more!

The articles that highlight the existence of Methylparaben in Bio Essence Tanaka White day cream [here] The 15 Harmful Cosmetic Ingredients [here]The 10 Toxic Ingredients to Avoid [here] The Dangers of Methylparaben [here]'Paraben Free': Should You Care [here]Parabens : What are they, and are they really that bad? [here
After I found that out, I checked every products I owned for their ingredients. I am aware that a high level of paraben will only lead to the diseases mentioned but we probably have been using products containing parabens for most of our life and maybe in every single …

Akaun Si Manja

I'm not sure if I have blog about this before. I made this account for Iqbal when he was one month old last year's December. As one of our attempt for family financial planning. Anyway this is not the point of this entry.

Yesterday Baby Iqbal and I (with my dad too) went to TAIB to update Baby Iqbal's account with his duit Raya. Alhamdulillah.. ;D Thank you all so much to everyone who have been generous this Syawal. Insya Allah kalau ada rezeki lagi, we'll try to contribute to his account and update it regularly. ;)

Quest for Skincare Products Part 1

All these while I have only been using Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid face wash (claimed to have twice the moisture retention capacity. Not sure what this is though!). I use it once or twice a day, depending if I do not fall asleep with Baby Iqbal while nursing him. As I have mentioned before, it cleans my light make up very well and does not dry my skin.

I have been looking a moisturiser for my face when my sister recommended me to use Skin79 Snail Nutrition BB Cream. I like this cream because it gives a dewy look however after few hours, my T-zone will start to look oily. Seems like the cream has no oil control (should it or not? Hmm)

So now I am on a quest on finding a full range of skincare products that will help me to improve my skin. Especially when I realised the blackheads and pores on my nose are getting visible and I hate it! Been using the Biore strips and it does not work especially on the sides of my nose. ;(

Been talking and exchanging knowledge with my best friends ab…