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I thought of writing about something that I love this time. Girl/lady/woman and shopping are inseparable. This is sort of undeniable for most people. Shoes. Handbags. Kain. Tudong. Nothing seems to be enough. Be it window shopping, retail shopping 'til she drops *hehe* and just-a-click-away online shopping which I love to do! :D

1. ThePoplook
- This is the place where I would buy their blouses (especially Tilly blouses) and a decent look maxi dress (their Penny which I looove and Henley collar which is so perfect for a breastfeeding mom like me! :D) I can't find blouses here that is specifically sized for a petite person like me so their sized blouses is perfect. And I can asked my tailor to make one for me :)

the blouses and chiffon maxi I've ordered
Penny Chiffon (dark green not in the pic) and Henley Collar maxi dress

2. FashionValet
- I've only ordered a shirt for Dearest Husband from them. I love their collections but it's a little pricey although I've been eyeing for their pants and Kiss & Tell peep toes! Hehe.. Insya Allah will order from them when the time is right ;)

Oh I forgot to mention their shipping charges. In case you're wondering, both offer RM30 flat rate for your order so thats about B$12 per order (depends on the exchange rate). Affordable right?
Tips: Please buy more than one piece ;) Hehe

I have not buy anything for Baby Iqbal from outside Brunei yet (except for cloth diapers). Just because we have facebook sellers who usually ordered and I'd just buy from them (usually cheaper for few items). So, where do you like to do your online shopping? ;)


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