Favourite Thing : IKEA Antilop High Chair

This chair is a gift from us for Baby Iqbal when he turns 8 months last few weeks. He is familiar with this chair already as most restaurants use them. Ramadhan was approaching, we knew it was the best time to get it so Baby Iqbal can join us during sungkai (and sahur occasionally) instead of using the bumbo seat.

first time!

You can find this high chair from Star Home in Mata-mata Gadong for B$49.90 with the tray and B$39.90 without the tray. The great things about this chair are it is very easy to clean and light to move around. Baby Iqbal is a messy eater (I wonder who's Baby isn't..). He loves to knock his rusks to the tray after he's bored eating it. *slaps forehead* Hehe ;)

There's where Baby Iqbal usually sits. Next to me (DH is sitting on my seat :p)