9 months Appointment

I have been waiting for this day for so long. Just because I wanted to know Baby Iqbal's weight. The last time was when he's 6 months 3 weeks about 7.735kgs. Today (at 9 months 10 days) his weight is 8.465kgs. Not much increase there.

while waiting for his turn in clinic's breastfeeding room

I think it's because his nursing time has reduced that sometimes he does not even want to breastfeed during the day. Too busy playing. -_-'

We also met dental doctor. Baby Iqbal does not have teeth yet but the information was really useful. I have time to read and prepare myself with another parenthood fun task. Hehe.. We got a goodie bag too! I am not sure when his teeth will come out although he has been teething. *I think!* But hey, they said it is either one.. whether the baby will walks first or teeth comes out first ;) I am guessing Baby Iqbal will walks first because he can pull himself to stand while holding to something already.