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9 months Appointment

I have been waiting for this day for so long. Just because I wanted to know Baby Iqbal's weight. The last time was when he's 6 months 3 weeks about 7.735kgs. Today (at 9 months 10 days) his weight is 8.465kgs. Not much increase there.

I think it's because his nursing time has reduced that sometimes he does not even want to breastfeed during the day. Too busy playing. -_-'

We also met dental doctor. Baby Iqbal does not have teeth yet but the information was really useful. I have time to read and prepare myself with another parenthood fun task. Hehe.. We got a goodie bag too! I am not sure when his teeth will come out although he has been teething. *I think!* But hey, they said it is either one.. whether the baby will walks first or teeth comes out first ;) I am guessing Baby Iqbal will walks first because he can pull himself to stand while holding to something already.

My First Handbag

I thought of my first handbag yesterday. I took it from my sister - she has been keeping it safe for me. My first thought seeing the bag after a long time was.. wow this still looks amazing. Very classic. I wonder if they still have the prints. :D

Mom bought the bag for me about 5-6 years ago, maybe more. I can't remember! I'm sure it was not during my Uni years so that bag might be more than 6 years already. Hmm.. It was to be use during Hari Raya! Haha.. Its a small handbag - can only fits my handphone, compact powder, lip gloss and a small tissue pack and used tissue at the front pockets. *lol*

This was when I started to learn other brand of handbags especially Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Prada, Gucci, Coach.. etc. Whew!

So what is your first handbag? Do you still keep them?

Happy 54th Birthday Mom!

Yesterday night instead of going out Raya-ing, we went to celebrate mom's birthday at All Season's Restaurant. The food was amazinggg especially their chicken in yam basket and stir fry prawn in salted egg. Delish! Dad and Iman love their roasted duck. My mom, lil sister Ain, lil brother Syakir and I don't eat duck - just the rest of them. Do you? Hehe

Btw, our surprised plan was a failure. Hahaha. I texted my dad asking if a blueberry cheesecake will be suitable for mom and it turned out that my mom read my message! Hahaha. Yeaa mom knows about the cake but still we tried to give her a surprise. And yes she didn't expect when the cake was coming. Weee!


Syawal 1433H

Salam Eid Mubarak all!!!

It's the fourth day of Syawal already. Our first Syawal as parents and it's been fun getting duit Raya for Baby Iqbal as it's his first Hari Raya too! Alhamdulillah.. Our Syawal has been blessed and meaningful so far.

I'm so glad that Baby Iqbal is not pemilih "choosy" with anyone. Everyone just love to carry him. Such a happy baby! Even MIL keep on telling people that he's not pemilih and I take that as a doa'. Mudah-mudah he won't be pemilih when he's become a toddler. Ameen!

With this opportunity, I would like to wish everyone Selamat Hari Raya.. Mohon Maaf Zahir dan Batin. I apologise from the deepest of my heart for every word that might hurt your feelings intentionally and unintentionally. May Allah SWT will always bless you and your family. Ameen ya Rabbal 'alamiiin!

Baby Iqbal turns 9 months!

Don't grow too fast, take it slow Baby!

I'm so gna miss a lot of things like carrying him to sleep instead of rocking him. Luckily he's still breastfeeding at night so thats the only time we can stay close, cuddle and sleep together.

Having said that, I'm happy seeing him growing so well *Alhamdulillah!!* and excited to see his developmental milestones. His doctor's appointment is next week after Hari Raya public holidays. Can't wait to find out his weight! No doubt he's getting heavier day by day. We have to resort on stroller sometimes especially when he's sleepy.

Btw, baby Iqbal can waves goodbye already! So cutteeee! At first it wasn't perfect but with a lot of practises, he finally got it right :D We're a proud parents! He can pull himself up to stand already too. Of course have to watch him EVERY TIME he tried to stand from sitting and otherwise. Even when he sits down from laying down also give me a heart attack sometimes! Hehe have to w…

Reflection : Ramadhan 1433H

Ramadhan is almost coming to an end. Just few more days left. *sedih* Alhamdulillah.. Although I only managed to go out for terawih once -_-" but I believe my Ramadhan this year is better than last year. I'm praying that we will be able to meet another Ramadhan and improve our imaan and taqwa, especially in the last 10 nights, Insya Allah.

We have been listening to Sheikh Ali ceramah during suhoor and after iftar. He emphasizes on the last 10 nights of Ramadhan. Masya Allah.. Rasa rugi sangat that we're not doing as much as we can to get as much blessings and rewards from Allah SWT. "Malam Lailatul Qadar.. Dapat pahala amal ibadah selama 83 tahun sedangkan we may not live that long.." Masya Allah.. These words keep on lingering on my mind. Betapa besar kuasa dan kasih Allah SWT terhadap hambaNya.

I hope your Ramadhan has been a great one for you and your family too. Both for akhirah and the world. Mudah-mudahan segala amal ibadat kita diterima Allah SWT. Ameen …

Review : BumGenius! 4.0 and Freetime

It has been a while since I last wrote reviews on cloth diapers. This post has been in my draft for a while, did not have time to check and update it. Anyways, here it is checked an updated! BumGenius 4.0 is definitely my favourite since Baby Iqbal started eating solid food. Easier to clean than Flip.

For BumGenius cloth diapers, I'll make their reviews in one entry as they do not have much differences in terms of their fit, performance and absorbency but have a slight difference in their overall value. When I heard about the new BumGenius Freetime and read reviews about it, I decided to buy one in Albert print as soon as it was available from our retailer, Bummia Kids. After that I was influence to purchase another BumGenius 4.0 pocket diaper just because they were discontinuing their artist prints and I want to compare it with the new Freetime. So I bought one in Eiffel Towerin hook and loop closure since…

Favourite Thing : IKEA Antilop High Chair

This chair is a gift from us for Baby Iqbal when he turns 8 months last few weeks. He is familiar with this chair already as most restaurants use them. Ramadhan was approaching, we knew it was the best time to get it so Baby Iqbal can join us during sungkai (and sahur occasionally) instead of using the bumbo seat.

You can find this high chair from Star Home in Mata-mata Gadong for B$49.90 with the tray and B$39.90 without the tray. The great things about this chair are it is very easy to clean and light to move around. Baby Iqbal is a messy eater (I wonder who's Baby isn't..). He loves to knock his rusks to the tray after he's bored eating it. *slaps forehead* Hehe ;)

Skin Care Products

Another mommy's post. Last night my family (including my parents and siblings) went to The Mall after we had our sungkai.

So I went to MISSHA to check out their lip gloss. I might be going to write about this soon, Insya Allah. I was asking about their new Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail products then the super nice lady told me that my face does not need this. "Your face is ok", she said. You only need to maintain she continued. I would suggest you to use Time Revolution First Treatment Essence to make your skin firm and moisturise. This lady reads my mind! I am looking for something for my face.

Recently, I tried Skin79 Snail Nutrition BB Cream as recommended by my sister. She is currently using Vital Orange BB cream and BB Cleanser O2 too as she has more blemish than I am. I don't have problem with blemishes actually because it usually clears completely from my face in few weeks. So far, I'm liking this cream on my face. No more dry skin as Dear Husband put it.


Online Shopping

I thought of writing about something that I love this time. Girl/lady/woman and shopping are inseparable. This is sort of undeniable for most people. Shoes. Handbags. Kain. Tudong. Nothing seems to be enough. Be it window shopping, retail shopping 'til she drops *hehe* and just-a-click-away online shopping which I love to do! :D
1. ThePoplook - This is the place where I would buy their blouses (especially Tilly blouses) and a decent look maxi dress (their Penny which I looove and Henley collar which is so perfect for a breastfeeding mom like me! :D) I can't find blouses here that is specifically sized for a petite person like me so their sized blouses is perfect. And I can asked my tailor to make one for me :)

2. FashionValet - I've only ordered a shirt for Dearest Husband from them. I love their collections but it's a little pricey although I've been eyeing for their pants and Kiss & Tell peep toes! Hehe.. Insya Allah will order from them when the time is right…