Hubs is On Leave

Dear Husband took his mandatory leave since 16th June and will start working this Saturday, the 7th. It has been great having him around especially during the day when I need help and company to look after Baby Iqbal while I do the chores and laundry.

Well actually most days we'd go out with Baby Iqbal. It has been really fun! *senang dapat parking! Hehe* He's such a celebrity wherever we bring him. Definitely a sweetheart! :D Most of the time, people thought he's a baby girl. *slaps forehead* I thought we've dress him like a boy enough! Nyehs!

Picture time!!!

His first time strolling at Taman Jubilee.

few minutes after that.. haha :p

brunch at Curryhouse

lunch at Deli City hehe ;)