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Salam Ramadhan

Better late than never, right? :D
Alhamdulillah.. It's the 6th day of Ramadhan today. Unfortunately, again for another year, I am not able to fulfill my duties as a Muslimah to fast this year. I get hungry easily and the breastmilk production still unstable. :( Is it a sign for us to start complementing Baby Iqbal with formula milk? I have not decide that yet. I actually do not want to think about it.
The day before Ramadhan, we lost our relative in the tragic helicopter crash. Allahyarham is my sister's brother-in-law and we are rather close with my sister's in-laws' family. Everyone was devastated with the news. We couldn't sleep the whole night waiting for updates. But, Allah SWT loves him more. We believe that he is now in a better and happier place. We pray that he will be put among the Syahidan and be place in Jannah among the pious. Ameen ya Rabbal 'Alamin..
Last year was my Ramadhan with Dearest Husband and this year, with Dearest Son. Alhamdulillah.. …

Baby food : Salmon with orange, carrot and potato

Since I have introduced chicken to Baby Iqbal since he was 7 months, I think its time to introduce fish to him next.
Tonight I decided to cook this new recipe for him. I took the recipe from Annabel Karmel's site. We tried giving him a tablespoon and from the look of it, he seems to like it. Haha let's see how he'll take it tomorrow.
When I remembered Dr Halina made this before for her daughter, I checked on how she did it. And guess what? I forgot to put potatoes in the recipe! Hahaha so had to steam and blend it separately and add together. ;) Heee
I can't wait to see his reaction tomorrow! :D

Update: Ermmm definitely not his favourite! Haha ;p

Baby Iqbal turns 8 months

Alhamdulillah.. Baby Iqbal turned 8 months last Thursday. Mama and Ayah love you so much Dearest Son! Mudah-mudahan jadi anak yang soleh, penyabar dan penyayang, taat kepada Allah dan keluarga, dan sentiasa sihat wal'afiat dan dimurahkan rezeki. Ameeen!

Oh on that day alone, we went out with auntie Feeka for hi-tea and auntie 'mummy' for dinner. Two dates ok, famous sungguh! Hehhe :D

Wordless Wednesday #3

First Step to Crawling

We realised that lately Baby Iqbal has made his first step to crawling - can't crawl just yet. Hehe ;) He will turn 8 months next week and he is still learning on how to crawl. Such a proud parents we are! Alhamdulillah~ *:D

Hubs is On Leave

Dear Husband took his mandatory leave since 16th June and will start working this Saturday, the 7th. It has been great having him around especially during the day when I need help and company to look after Baby Iqbal while I do the chores and laundry.

Well actually most days we'd go out with Baby Iqbal. It has been really fun! *senang dapat parking! Hehe* He's such a celebrity wherever we bring him. Definitely a sweetheart! :D Most of the time, people thought he's a baby girl. *slaps forehead* I thought we've dress him like a boy enough! Nyehs!

Picture time!!!