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Money Matters

With only one person currently earning income for the three of us, my mind is always busy thinking about money. Regardless of time! The main reason why I chose to cloth diaper in the first place.

I am hoping for a career soon to accommodate the endless lists of my little family and bigger family needs (and wants). I want to help my parents.

But.. I'm a normal woman in every sense who loves designer handbags and shoes, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Longchamp, Gucci, Christian Louboutins, Jimmy Choos, just to name a few. With myriad of online shopping including facebook available for nice and pretty tops, maxis, chiffons (and the list can go on..) and now that we have Baby Iqbal, the list would include his clothes for every occasions and toys, I just don't know how we can save!

Money is not everything to me. Believe me, it is NOT. I believe that money serves for all kind of purposes. Although I have a degree in Accounting and Finance, I am not good in managing my own finance. With the situation now, I HAVE to learn how to manage our finance every month to ensure that we have enough after all the fixed and commitment expenses being deducted.

You see despite all that, I have always been wanting to save more money. So far, I only managed to add a little money to Baby Iqbal's account every month and dear Husband has another saving account - an amount deducted first from his paycheck every month. I believe this is a good start. And I would like to save more especially for emergency.

The basic principle of financial discipline - "Spend less than what you earn". Easier said than done! I almost never can do this! *sighs*

Since this month is my sister's wedding, we have used our money into making new bajus (and the accessories i.e. tudong and sinjang) for the occasions. It will be our bajus for Hari Raya too. I hope we can manage until the end of the month. For now, tutup mata saja looking at all the new arrivals and sales.


  1. "The basic principle of financial discipline - "Spend less than what you earn". Easier said than done!"

    Totally agree with you *haih*

    1. yetakan!!! payah bah kan.. mesti kuatkan hati! ;)

  2. dari yg bujang, yg kan kawin, yg kan bekluarga to yg sudah bekluarga...gerenti commitment utk perbelanjaan bulanan tetap ada. ganya berbeza dari keadaan seseorang, tapi tetap sama intentionnya utk keperluan harian.

    kadang terpaksa menahan rasa, strict kan diri to be discipline in saving. sabar saja lagipun utk kebaikkan jua kan.

    huhu agreed sama jua. mine in process utk tujuan yg lebih besar, insyaAllah. Mudahan sama2 kitani diMurahkan rezeki..Amin.

    bulan julai kan dtg ni pun bepikir bah takot2 kan kluar shopping sebab dugaan...gerenti ramai berbelanja sakan ni huhuhu plus ramai pun tau kenapa kan. dugaan bagi yg kraja swasta ani la...

    1. Amin amin.. Mudahan ketani dimurahkan rezeki sama2..

      and you're right! mesti strictkan diri nie this time.. ;)


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