Baby Puree

Baby Iqbal has been eating fruit and vegetable purees for a month now. Alhamdulillah.. His favourite is apple puree. So far, he has eaten porridge, apple, kurma, sweet potato (orange one), white potato (mix with unsalted butter), carrot, avocado, banana, and pear. I have yet to introduce pumpkin to him (this week Insya Allah). And I have not follow the four days rule. -_-''

As for mixing two different purees, he does not like eating porridge with carrot *will try giving him again*. So far he likes to eat white potato and carrot well. Next I want to mix apple and pear, and avocado and banana together.

I only use the small plastic container to to keep his purees about 1-2oz for each feeding. Hence his breastfeeding intake has not change. I only cooked for two different purees when I'm cooking and for few days feeding because I have limited containers (just bought another 10pcs last Sunday. Yay!!) 

Between the Avent 2in1 Blender and Steamer and Beaba Babycook, I ended up using Phillips handblender. Hehehe ;) Easier!