Favourite thing : Bumbo seat

We tried this few times with Baby Iqbal before finally decided to buy the seat. We wanted to buy the seat since Baby Iqbal was 3 months but when we tried the seat, sempitttt for him (well Baby Iqbal has chunky thighs!). We gave up and look for other alternatives. Nada. None to our liking.

For the last time, we tried putting Baby Iqbal in this seat and it looks good. He may not be able to use this for longer period (can always keep for next baby, right?! :p) So we bought lime green (the other colour available at that time was blue and pink) to match Baby Iqbal's other things.

So far, I realised that Baby Iqbal does not like to sit in it for a long period unless when he watches tv. By the end of 30 mins of Upin and Ipin, he'd want to go out from the seat already. We use this during his feeding time. So cute!!! *faint* Messy but super cute and fun time. Seeing all his facial expressions while feeding him is priceless. ❤

Note: It does warn not to put the seat on elevated surface. But we still did and have to watch him every second! Hehe.. I tried not to except during his feeding in the kitchen and while watching tv when we want him to stay still. *at your own risk* Be careful!!!