Exclusive Breastfeeding

Alhamdulillah Syukur.. Dengan izin Allah SWT today marks the 6th month I have been exclusively breastfeeding Baby Iqbal. Definitely an achievement worth celebrating! :D

I think I have wrote about this before that I was only able to fully breastfeed Baby Iqbal when he was one week old ie. on the 26th Nov. I remember because we had an appointment at Day Care Unit on that day and my mom's friend taught me how to breastfeed Baby Iqbal. At some occasions, we tried to give Baby Iqbal formula milk too but in the end, we 'almost' (except once after he vomitted and he didn't finish the milk) never did. Thinking about it, I feel foolish. Its not that I have insufficient breastmilk but because we were worried he will not be able to drink formula milk if one day I have insufficient supply.

Im very thankful to Allah SWT that until today, I still have sufficient breastmilk for Baby Iqbal. Yang penting, we have to keep on fighting and be positive. There are definitely a lot of options available to boost our breastmilk. Jangan kurang berusaha. That's what keep me going this far. When I'm having a low supply days, I'd just eat a lot of food and soups, and supplements too. I managed to prove to people that I can do this even though I have to pantang so many food like ice cream! (lucky I had a lot before I gave birth hehe), most seafoods and cold drinks. I'd do anything to give the best to Baby Iqbal selagi mampu dan terdaya.

I do not look down on people giving formula milk to their babies. For me, selagi mampu you do your best. Either giving breastmilk or formula milk, we all want a healthy baby in the end. Im quite worried too seeing babies who are being breastfeed until they look unhealthy. Being chubby and fat is fine but they need to be healthy. I always monitor Baby Iqbal's feeding so that we don't overfeed him. I just don't understand why the elderly always assume baby is hungry when they cry! *sighs* Babies cry not only means they are hungry, most of the time they just want attention, being cuddle, to play with, and etc! Huhu *nuff said*

Oh when we went to Baby Iqbal's last appointment, I was given a paper to fill in. (<-) They asked for picture too. The nurse said because I have successfully breastfeed Baby Iqbal exclusively as not many are able to do this. She also mentioned that "exclusive breastfeeding" means just giving baby breastmilk without weaning to food. So ermm.. when Baby Iqbal is 6 months old, we have been giving him purees for 3 weeks and add that first week I couldn't breastfeed him so it's only 5 months of exclusive breastfeeding! Hehe nonetheless I am still very very grateful :D