Baju Dilemma

The past couple of weeks, I have been going back and forth to my usual tailor (and a new one) and also to my husband's usual tailor. Of course, it is easier for the man and even for Baby Iqbal.-_-"  We brought his front button shirt as an example for the tailor. Less than two weeks, both my husband and baby's baju melayu are ready for my sister's wedding next month (and to be worn for Hari Raya too!). *excited*

On the other hand, I find it difficult. I think I will still be breastfeeding Baby Iqbal which means I need to make a breastfeeding friendly baju. For now my outing tops are either a front button shirt or a loose blouse. So I ended up having to tell my tailor to make me a blouse. ;(

For Hari Raya, I want to make a breastfeeding friendly baju which is not a blouse. But how? Been searching for designs but nothing caught my interest *sighs* ;( I know that since Baby Iqbal is still small, I will not make them highly beaded *as if I ever want it* As what dear husband would put it, safe baju for Iqbal and me. *Lol!*

Talking about Hari Raya, reminded me of my 30 days puasa to ganti. Last year debt. I'm not sure if I can tahan puasa this year too while I'm still breastfeeding baby Iqbal. I feel hungry and thirsty all the time!!! *yes.. I have not stock my bm just because baby Iqbal does not like frozen bm that have been stored for weeks or months ago* Oh noes!!!

I wonder how the lining looks like :s