Baby Iqbal turns 6 months

Friday's conversation..

Me : You know, sometimes I still feel disbelieve when I called myself 'mama' to Iqbal.. 
Dear Husband : Me too! While carrying Iqbal just now, "wow... I can't believe I'm holding my son.."

Baby Iqbal turns 6 months todayyy. :D How time flies! We always get people saying.. Baby Iqbal is so heavy, Baby Iqbal's skin is so fair like his mom and dad, Baby Iqbal is so chubby compare to his "small" parents.. Hehehe.. :D Alhamdulillah Syukur.. We both are so thankful to Allah SWT for giving us a perfect healthy son. Dearest Son, Mama doakan Iqbal jadi anak yang soleh, bertanggungjawab, penyayang, penyabar dan have a bright future ahead. In sha Allah.. Amin Ya Rabbal 'Alamin~

Today, mama and Baby Iqbal went out with Auntie Feeka, Ummi (my sister) and Auntie Ros (my sister's friend). We went for late lunch at Bello (where Baby Iqbal ended up taking his afternoon nap! Lol!) then we went to Supa Save and Toys R Us. We also dropped by Auntie Gdah's place to take the Hotlanta chicken wings mama bought. Hehe :p

Yesterday (Fri), Baby Iqbal also met Auntie Zdah and Auntie Yaya at CoffeeZone Kiulap. So glad that we finally managed to catch up. Everyone is busy with their own life phase now, definitely missing some people there. Auntie Yaya bought a shirt from her last vacation for Baby Iqbal (hence we tried it when we reached home). *thank you auntie!* :D We also went to Cutting Crew dangankan Ayah getting his hair cut. Hehe


Since Dear Husband's birthday had passed and he actually had read this post. I just have to update a little. We were actually on a mission on this day! We took Iman's cake ordered from Mon'Amour and searched for a simple birthday signage for on top of the cake. No candles though. :( Hehehe..
Thank you to Auntie Feeka danganikan our mission.


  1. Happy 6-months birthday baby Iqbal.

    Amin for every doa from everyone who loves you ((=

    1. Thank you Wina! :D Amin amin..

      And yes, he looks really really cute kan? *pengsan* :p Kami dirumah semua pun grigitan meliat. Hehehe

    2. Hahaha cute banar. Bulat lagiii. Bagi gigitan bah.

      Even his mom sendiri pun pengsan apalagi us just looking at his photos maigaddd

  2. Also, I love him in the 'Hardrock' suit.

    Super cuteeeeeeee


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