Attachment Parenting

When I first heard/ saw the word attachment parenting, I thought to myself that I am actually doing it. We are doing it. Because mom would just say "dibadan-badan jua Iqbal ani" and few other lines which mean the same thing. I just love to have him close to me. Close to us. After all this is probably the only time we can be this close.

I have not research or read further on attachment parenting. Then I came across this (shared by DDLS on Facebook) and it caught my interest.

Based on her paradox, Alhamdulillah I am still breastfeeding Baby Iqbal. Coming to 6 months now. We are definitely co-sleeping at night. When we go out, I do not put him in a stroller, just hold him and when I'm 'tired', my husband, parents and siblings would be gladly to take him from me - I don't use babywearing but this counts right? I am still trying to master taking his cues and giving prompt response to his cries because at times I can't figure out his needs. I am no perfect mother, but trying to be the best I can for him. Sometimes I feel frustrated and in need of the alone-me-time and usually I'll ended up missing Baby Iqbal. Sad! Lastly, I am still working on the gentle discipline, so far his understanding is limited. Hehe

Attachment parenting is easy. I mean its the simplest form of parenting. It does not cost so much. Breastfeeding is almost free (some need to buy vitamins and booster to maintain the supply. But the truth is, as long as there is demand the supply will always available. For most people.) I do not like to hear Baby Iqbal cry most of the times and sometimes he will just scream to get attention which I do not mind. I need enough sleep though because if not, I will be grumpier than Baby Iqbal. Then again enough sleep does not mean I want Baby Iqbal to sleep throughout the night nor I am. I'll be worried sick about him. I know he'll either cry or continue sleeping in hunger (and my thought is always the latter!).

Parenthood is not easy and not difficult too. It is hardwork and really worth it at the same time. There is so much thing going on. There are time and sleep to sacrifice, financial to think about wisely especially when only one parent is working trying to get all the endless needs and wants, your parents hoping that you'll get a job soon to help the family's financial. Does that sound familiar? Well yes, hello lifeeee!!! :D