6 months appointment

Today Baby Iqbal had his Infanrix Hib (6in1) vaccine. Alhamdulillah.. Eventhough he cried sekejap, we believe that he is a lot stronger already. :D They say this vaccine can caused a fever. We already give Baby Iqbal panadol when we reached home. Every 4 hours said the nurse.

For his 6 months statistics:

Weight: 7.605kgs
Height: 67.5cm
Head circumference: 43.7cm

Baby Iqbal next appointment will be when he is 9 months old, sometime in August. Another vaccine if I remember it right.

while waiting for his turn


  1. right pic mbari gigitan bah..apa ya liat diingaukannya atu kan hehehe

    1. there was a toddler main-main yth sibuk Iqbal liat hehhe


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