First Appearance

Last night Iqbal and mama&ayah attended Claral 1st birthday at TT Blues Cafe. Its Baby Iqbal's first appearance among ayah's friends. Some of them had only seen Iqbal in his first month and most seen him in his photos uploaded in Facebook and Instagram. ;)

We came early to my inlaws' place in the morning as we need to go back early to attend the party. We were the earliest to come *Lol! Semangat ok!* because we need to change Baby's diaper. Oh! He actually slept after meeting Claral when they arrived. I bet Baby was really exhausted. Long day for him!

Poor Baby!

I think Baby Iqbal (well he should be hehe) had fun meeting all his uncles and aunties, and finally meeting Kaka Claral ;D Too bad Kaka Rana was not there. Although he was a little 'talkative' last night. Keke

We have been bringing him out too lately. Last week we brought him to my dad's sister's granddaughter's wedding. Baby Iqbal first appearance as well among my dad's relatives. *Famous ok? Hehe* We also brought him to dinner and groceries shopping recently. Hihi ;))