Baby Iqbal turns 5 months

... For a moment, I didn't know what to write other than the title above. Husband and I had a sleepless night. Baby Iqbal refused to sleep and nurse after midnight last night. I think this is what they called growth spurts. His nursings have also reduced lately. I know this is temporary but honestly, I am not liking this at all. I think no one else does. Huhu -__-

On a happier note, we had put Baby Iqbal in his walker since he was 3+ months old and he is now a pro! Hehe.. Every morning, I would put him in his walker to "exercise" (while I have my breakfast) after that I would bathe him, nurse him and put him to nap. It's funny to see that sometimes he would chase his shadows in his walker. He practically knows the house already. He would go to the front door(meaning he wants to go out), staring at the stairs (thinking how he is going to go up to our room), my dad's store room, in the kitchen or licking every side tables he could find.  -___-'

places where we can find him :p

Hubby wrote: (I kinda 'force' him to! Hehehe)
Other than that, Baby Iqbal is very much enjoying sucking his hands, his shirt, his toes, our shirts, his stuffed animals...anything! but ironically we're having a difficult time trying to feed him milk. *lol* He can also laughs so chuckle-y now when I blow on his neck and tummy.

Happy 5 months Baby Iqbal!!!
Mama & Ayah love you so much!!!

we have a hand sucker *lol* not just thumb okay hehehe