Baby Feeding

Baby Iqbal will turns 6 months next month and we're excited that we are going to start Baby Iqbal with solid food. We know that he is ready because he keeps on grabbing our food and glass these days. Hehe ;) I have been reading about starting solid food and it's exciting! We have this facebook group called "First food for our Little Angels" and I must say, everyone is very helpful. :D

I'm going to share the important signs parents should notice before starting solid food, includes
  • Head control - Yes, Baby can keep his head steady and upright position
  • Losing the "extrusion reflex" - Yes, Baby has stop pushing food out of his mouth
  • Sitting well when supported - Yes, Baby can do this alright
  • Chewing motions - Definitely yes. I caught him doing this many times already. As if he is eating!
  • Significant weight gain - Baby doubles his weight already ;)
  • Growing appetite - Oh boy! Baby definitely has this for a while now
  • Curiosity about what you're eating - Hehehe.. He licks on apples, avocado, rice, sweet potato already ;) *we only give him less than a teaspoon. Just for him to taste*

This also means that we get to shop for things that we need to prepare him for solid food. *Yay!!!* For Baby's bowl and sippy cups, I have been eyeing on the Tommee Tippee brand. I also learned that I am going to need a blender and steamer to prepare my Baby's food. For these, I have not decided between Beaba Babycook or Avent combined Steamer and Blender. I'm still doing the pros and cons and so far, Avent is at the top. I might also need a freezer tray, in case I make a large batch of puree food. I'm not sure whether to buy Beaba or Tommee Tippee but I like TT because its an individual pots instead of a large tray. Hmm~ It's obvious isn't it? Pffftt!

I just love Tommee Tippee. They are really cute and most important, Baby Iqbal loves it! Remember the TT Closer to Nature Sterilisation and Feeding set I bought when I was pregnant? It is really worth it every dollar even though we have not use all of them. Hehe.. The set consists of
  • an electric steam sterilizer
  • a bottle warmer
  • 4 x 260ml bottles
  • 4 x 150ml bottles
  • 2 x thermal travel bag
  • 2 x medium flow teats
  • 6 x milk powder dispenser
  • 1 x bottle brush
  • 1 x tongs
  • 1 x pure soother
And so far, we have only been using bottle warmer, all 150ml bottles, occasionally using the thermal bags and bottle brush for washing. Baby Iqbal still drinks 70-100ml hence we're still using the small bottles. We tried giving EBM using Medela but he does not like it.