4 months appointment

We came in a little late this morning but the good thing is, we do not have to wait long. Yay! I think Baby Iqbal is the happiest person on earth today! Exaggerate much? ;) Reason being he did not get his supposedly last DPT and Polio vaccines today. Hehehehe ;p Alhamdulillah.. We were kinda worried that Baby Iqbal would have fever again like his last shot. Poor him!

Baby Iqbal statistic as of today (4 months 3 weeks):

Weight: 7.2 kgs
Height: 68 cm
HC: 42 cm

They have this new vaccine, called Infanrix Hexa (or '6in1' in short) for babies at 6 months young. I'll be writing on Baby's Basic Vaccines in another post. That being said, Baby Iqbal's next appointment would be when he is 6 months young. Grow up well Dear Son! MamaAyah love you so much!